The Harvest Vine

2701 E Madison St, , Seattle,, United States of America, WA 98112
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Serving dinner nightly from 5pm to 10pm
Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm

  • Disabled Access

About The Harvest Vine

A table, whether in a grand dining room, a cozy kitchen, on a hut floor or in the form of a blanket laid out in a July meadow, is the hub of human connection and community. It is the fundamental meeting place where we share sustenance and our stories. We discuss politics and philosophy, share the mundane of our daily lives, teach and learn, recall past feasts, close deals, plan our futures, maintain traditions, grieve, celebrate, wage peace, give thanks and fall in love around tables.

My earliest memories are of birthday parties and holidays around a table or in the kitchen helping to prepare for those celebrations. I’ve shared tables with family, friends, colleagues and strangers. I’ve made a career out of setting tables, serving them and creating the meals shared at them. Since 1998 I’ve owned a restaurant, The Harvest Vine, which began as barely a kitchen with a table. Here I’ve been honored to share my tables with thousands of strangers, many of whom have become friends.

Here you will find tales of the table- past and present, celebrations and events at The Harvest Vine and elsewhere, and stories and recipes of the food we enjoy at them. You are welcome at my table where there is always room for one more. There is nowhere I feel more at home than at A Table Shared.

Dress Code: Smart Casual