White + Wongs review

Whitney Tawake | Date posted - 28 Feb 2019
We arrived at White & Wong’s on Friday early evening (mum life) and one of the instant reactions was googling my eyes over the décor and the ambiance that hits you as soon as you step inside. Monkey chandeliers, fish statement walls, quilted walls and the jungle themed toilets are 100% worth a selfie and cheeky Instagram story or two.

We were promptly seated, and I immediately went for the lychee mocktail. On a usual day not when I am growing a baby I would have gone straight for their signature cocktails. The mocktail was okay served with a beautiful lychee but not my favourite, I have on a different occasion tried their cocktails and they were a total hit. My partner being a beer loving man ordered the IPA and was immediately grinning. Being the huge foodie I am I do love to share items from the menu especially at Asian restaurants as their food is my favourite and their menus are designed for this. Also, I can’t deal with food envy. I want to try it all.

We started with the bites menu, spicy edamame beans with a spicy sweet soy dipping sauce. Always a fab way to kick off the meal and these bad boys did not disappoint. Fresh and the sauce was a fab touch to the usual sea salt compliment. Next arrived the Char Siu pork bun & vegetarian dumplings. The buns were how I like them, fluffy like the clouds and the pork in the middle was filled with flavour, to compliment the bun. The vegetarian dumplings came pan fried and the shitake mushrooms stuffing was so delicious I was afraid I had to eat these quickly before my partner consumed them all. On our return I will have to get both of these again. Absolute winners.

Main affair we decided to share the Massaman curry with lamb shoulder, gourmet agria potatoes, peanuts, crispy shallots. Wow this is the best massaman curry I have ever had so flavourful, creamy the peanuts and crispy shallots were the perfect crunch to the creamy indulgent sauce. You can taste the lamb shoulder just by looking at it with your eyes it easily pulled apart so beautifully and was what you would expect, it melted in your mouth. Each mouthful was heavenly I almost wished we didn’t opt to share this dish, you best believe I could have made more room for a full size. It is definitely big enough to share if you are going to share some of the starters as we did, however if you want a good curry. This is for you – thank me later. We also ordered a side of Asian greens these were nice but not entirely something to rave home about a lot of bok choy which I usually love however it was a lot of stalk of the vegetable and not a whole lot of “green” these were a little oily and I most likely wouldn’t order them next time.

We were absolutely content after the starters and massaman curry that we decided to pass on dessert however I noted that there was Deep fried ice cream with salted butterscotch sauce on the menu, I’ve spied this on some Instagram stories and one thing I know is when I return I will be indulging in the ice cream with an extra butterscotch sauce, please and thank you. This was one beautiful evening the staff were so attentive and when you have multiple dishes that you are sharing it helps a lot when the waiters are switched onto clearing the table and making more room. I wouldn’t bother with the mocktails or the Asian greens personally, these weren’t bad but they were definitely not the rockstars of the evening like the rest of our meal. The evening was beautiful and White & Wong’s is a new favourite for this local gal.

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