Where to eat haggis in Edinburgh

(It's not just for Burns' Night)

Claire Murray | Date posted - 17 Oct 2018
Haggis. Noun: A furry little animal that runs around the Scottish countryside making high-pitched squeaking noises. Sensitive to light and particularly delicious when served cooked with potatoes and turnips.
We actually just made the above up. The famed Scottish haggis is in fact not an animal. If you’ve never eaten it before, it’s probably best that we don’t tell you what’s actually in it or you may never try it. Just trust us when we say it’s delicious. Fear not if you’re not an eater of the meat, for us Scots have meaty, veggie, and vegan haggis aplenty, that we liberally put on everything from pizza to nachos. If you happen to be in the capital and you’re wondering where to eat haggis in Edinburgh, don’t worry. We’ve put together the definitive list of our favourite spots where you can really get to grips with our national dish.


What, you thought we were going to send you to a bothy, filled with peat fires, men in kilts, and a drinks repertoire of whisky, and erm...whisky? Nope, we’re starting off with a The Big Lebowski-themed burger restaurant that does the best haggis & patty on a bun that we’ve ever eaten. These dudes are almost as famous for their White Russians as their burgers, with concoctions like The Dude, and The Donny taking top billing. But we’re here about the haggis right? Head along at the weekend and try their Lebowskis breakfast burger where haggis is served in its traditionally Scottish way; with everything else you’d have in a big fry up, piled into a bun. Sounding a bit much? Grab their classic Lebowskis burger, or the bacon mac n cheese burger and add a topping of Dingwall haggis to spice things up. Trust us….


If you’re looking for a true Scottish dining experience, you’ve got to head to Cannonball. Situated just outside Edinburgh Castle, it offers some of the most iconic views in city, alongside some of the tastiest food. Start your meal off right with their Cannonballs; Findlay’s haggis with pickled turnip, Glengoyne whisky, and Seville orange marmalade. If you’re feeling like you need even more haggis than this, you can add a side to any of their delicious mains like the Scottish lamb rump, highland venison, or Scotch beef. Make sure that you wash it all down with a dram of the national drink as they have hundreds of whisky choices, ranging from the lowlands to Speyside.


Quite literally a restaurant themed around Scotland, Howies is the quintessential place to eat haggis in Edinburgh. Where our previous suggestions have been twists on the traditional dish, Howies do the classic haggis, neeps, and tatties to perfection. They serve it with a thyme jus, and there’s even a veggie option available if you’re not a meat fan. The dish is served on the starters menu, but you can also have it main-course sized if you feel you need extra haggis in your life. Sit back and enjoy your dinner in a stunning dining room that will make you feel like you’re in a Scottish country house; tweed furnishings, plenty of tartan, and stags heads on the walls. Make sure you enjoy one of their themed cocktails after your meal with concoctions including Glenkinchie whisky, and Elderflower Edinburgh gin.

Wedgwood the Restaurant

This husband and wife-run restaurant is passionate about showing off Scotland’s natural larder, but with a modern twist. Wedgwood the Restaurant’s aim is to create a space similar to owners’ Lisa and Paul’s ideal night out. It’s relaxed and laid back, fine dining without being pretentious, and serving up some seriously tasty food. Their ‘wood pigeon’ haggis, neeps, and tatties is an interesting twist on the old classic, incorporating some native game into the dish. If you’re lucky enough to be in Edinburgh over Burns’ night, this is definitely the place to head, with a special Burns’ night menu, featuring plenty of haggis, and a flight of whisky on offer.

The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant

Well we can’t deny that this place does exactly what it says on the tin. Part of the same family as Cannonball, The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant serves up wholesome Scottish food in a relaxed and sophisticated setting. Their haggis dish comes with a bit of a twist; Findlays of Portobello haggis, with pickled turnip, and Glengoyne whisky vinegar. They also often have delicious haggis bon bons on special. If not all of your party wants to eat haggis in Edinburgh, this place is great as it serves up many other Scottish dishes to give you a taste of the country. Enjoy treats like Cullen Skink (a creamy fish soup), Scottish game dishes, and Mull of Kintyre cheddar mac and cheese.
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