Vegetarian restaurants in Sheffield

There’s no better time to be a veggie

Wael Makki | Date posted - 21 May 2019
These days, Sheffield veggies are spoilt for choice with a handful of amazing restaurants featuring handsome meat-free menus. So here it is, our top choice for the very best vegetarian restaurants in Sheffield. Have a veggie blast!


If you’re a pie fan, this one is going to make you very hap-pie. From award-winning pies to delicious vegetarian options, founders Jon and Tris made sure to create pies for all tastes. Everything is cooked with fine and responsibly sourced ingredients, and they’ve got so much more! Have a look at their dessert menu and indulge in one of their delicious sundae pies. Our very favourite is the “Gold Digger”, made with salt caramel ice cream and millionaire shortbread – a true “pies” of heaven.

Forge Bakehouse

Bakery, Brunch, Cocktails, Vegetarian
Brunch deserves to be done properly, and in Sheffield, brunch doesn’t come better than Forge Bakehouse. This little gem serves all day breakfast and brunch (meaning you can hit the sneeze button as many times as you like) as well as light lunch and dinner, that you can enjoy on their bakery, or on their terrace if mister sun has decided to show up. At Forge Bakehouse, the food is made slowly and from scratch, “from the ketchup and mayo on your plate to the jam and bread for your toast”. They’ve expanded their menu to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements, from vegetarian dishes to vegan and gluten-free options. Roll out of bed, get dressed, hit the booking button and head along!

TGI Fridays

Let’s face it, burger is probably the dish you miss the most since you gave up meat. And we can’t blame you. Dear reader, time has changed and Sheffield is now filled with amazing veggie burgers, starting with TGI Fridays. Their famous veggie burger is made with spicy bean, topped with Colby cheese and their homemade mayo; a real delight. These guys are also experts when it comes to cooking all sorts of other delicious and 100% meat-free American flavours like their roasted veg fajitas, vegetable skewers, smoked tomato bruschetta, or alfredo pasta. Accompany your feast with one of their precious cocktails or smoothie, and you’re in for, like, the totally, like, super cool, like, a-m-a-z-i-n-g American experience.


Indian food is known be very vegetarian-friendly, and Ashoka is a little piece of heaven for the sweet vegetarian community. Their menu is healthy, filled with authentic flavours and spices, and features many meat-free dishes. Expect the best recipes coming from all parts of the Indian subcontinent, and dishes as diverse and colourful as the culture itself. From vegetable tikka masala and ginger brinjal to dall palak and garam chole puri, the Ashoka team will make sure you’ll get to try to best veggie dishes in town. “Curry” up and book your spot, space is limited!

Turtle Bay

This Caribbean restaurant has come up with many vegetarian dishes, and you better take your sunglasses out because they will take you directly to Punta Cana beaches. Expect hallo halloumi, crispy okra, sweet corn fritters, and callaloo curry as well as spices, atomic cocktails, warmth, music and a cool and exotic atmosphere - a complete immersive experience. People come for the food, but people also come for the drinks. Their rum-based cocktails are truly atomic, and they’ve got an amazing “happy hour, two-for-one deal”, available from Sunday to Thursday between 11:30am and 7pm. Yes, it’s almost too good to be true.
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