Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Glasgow

Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 01 Oct 2018
Tired of meat dishes dominating every restaurant menu? Why not go veggie? It may not be obvious to outsiders, but Glasgow has always had a good reputation as a vegetarian friendly city. Let us show you with our top picks of vegetarian restaurants in Glasgow.

La Lanterna

They’ve been bringing authentic Italian cuisine to Glasgow since the 70s, and have racked up a number of awards in the process. La Lanterna showcases one of Glasgow’s most delicious menus including a variety of options for veggies, including antipasti, salads, and a selection of vegetarian risottos.


Indian, Vegetarian Friendly
In the mood for Indian food? Then Chaakoo needs to be on your list. Taking inspiration from the Irani-Indian cafes of the 50s, Chaakoo serves up an array of small plates, perfect for sharing. There’s plenty on the menu to keep you satisfied, from humble vegetable curries to Irani kebabs that can be made with spicy cauliflower and are served alongside a cool mint chutney.

Hanoi Bike Shop

Vietnamese, Asian, Vegetarian
If it’s good enough for Beyonce, then it’s good enough for us. Get ready to fall crazy in love with Hanoi Bike Shop, your soon-to-be favourite place for Vietnamese flair. With an array of small plates to choose from, there is something for everyone here. Every dish is made from scratch from the fresh sauces, to the hand-pressed organic tofu made in-house every morning. It’s also worth mentioning they have a vegan and gluten-free menu on offer too.

Lychee Oriental

A stylish, contemporary space, Lychee Oriental takes you on a culinary trip around Asia, with dishes inspired by Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. Winner of the “Best Asian Restaurant in Scotland ” award in 2013, Lychee Oriental offers the very best in Oriental cuisine, cocktails, and wines. If you haven’t tried the vegetarian options at Lychee, we would urge you to try them. They have a whole section on their menu dedicated to veggie dishes.

Cail Bruich

Give them a Michelin star for crying out loud! Cail Bruich made its debut in the West End of Glasgow in 2008, and have since made a name for themselves with their classy style of cooking. With a constantly evolving menu there is always something to choose from at Cail Bruich. The tasting menu is particularly good if you’re trying this place out for the first time. As well as offering a land and sea tasting menu, vegetarians can enjoy a “from the garden” menu, which is purely vegetarian.

Cafe Gandolfi

Scottish, British, Brunch
Not to be confused with its sister restaurant, Gandolfi Fish, another long-standing veteran on the Glasgow restaurant scene is Cafe Gandolfi. Having been around for almost 40 years, the classic menu, in particular, has a special place in our hearts, and bellies. The mung bean tarka daal from the classic menu is a particular favourite.
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