Vegetarian restaurants in Bristol

Wael Makki | Date posted - 06 Nov 2018
A few years ago, asking for your salad without meat would have earned you a snobbish look from the waiter. Yes, being a vegetarian wasn’t always easy, but thankfully, the restaurant scene has grown over the years, and Bristolians are now flocking to an increasing number of vegetarian restaurants. To make your hunt for these places easier, we’ve found the best vegetarian restaurants in Bristol, and they’re a true blast!

Pasta Loco

Tofu, tempeh, seitan… There are thousands of meat substitutes today. But let’s be honest, nothing beats a good pasta plate. And if you’re dreaming of fresh and unique pasta in Bristol, then it doesn’t come much better than Pasta Loco. Opened by cousins, Ben and Dominic, this spot celebrates the best of Florence’s vegetarian and carnivore dishes, while also paying tribute to the city of Bristol. Their handpicked prime wines come from different parts of Italy and they’re simply divine. Get a slice of the action and book your spot in this vegetarian restaurant in Bristol, you’re going to say Prego!


Did you have a look at the Michelin Guide 2019? Bulrush picked up its first Michelin star last October, and it was hella well-deserved. This innovative neighbourhood restaurant based in Cotham serves modern British food with a refined twist. Have a look at their menu, it changes regularly and it always contains a few delicious veggie options. This gem is owned by chef George Livesley, a true master of culinary arts. So if you’re looking for the fine dining experience with tasty vegetarian dishes, this one’s the place to head.

Under the Stars

All hands on deck! Under the stars is a restaurant and bar located on a boat in Bristol’s vibrant Harbourside. Exciting right? Head along and enjoy good food and great classic cocktails in their relaxed 20’s style venue. These guys serve all type of tapas with influences from across the Mediterranean, pizzas, and exciting veggie options. We loved their halloumi pizza, sharing mezzes, and wild mushroom tagliatelle. If you’re looking for an original and cool vegetarian restaurant in Bristol, then get on board!


Another Italian eatery on our picks of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bristol because… Well, do we really need to justify our choice? Italian’s veggie plates are simply the best and especially the ones you’ll find at Bosco Pizzeria. This family-run restaurant serves traditional Neapolitan style pizzas that are cooked from their wood fired-oven, and yes, it makes a big difference. From pasta and pizza to cheeses, vegetables, salads, and mouthwatering desserts, at Bosco, there’s one for everyone's taste. Buon Appetito!


“Fine dining” doesn’t always mean “expensive”, and at Wilks, you’ll get the best of Bristol’s delicate food at a price that won’t force you to eat soup until the end of the month. The idea behind this Michelin-starred restaurant is based on a sharing plates concept: “you can have a whole meal by ordering sharing dishes for the middle of the table until you are full”. Have a look at their different menus, they’re rich with exciting vegetarian dishes based on fresh and local ingredients. Get ready for an exciting veggie gourmet dining experience in one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Bristol.

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