Vegetarian restaurants in Bath

Have a meat-free blast!

Wael Makki | Date posted - 25 Oct 2018
Over the last couple of years, vegetarian dishes have seen a crazy increase of interest. It’s 2018, gone are the days when tofu was your only option, the world has changed! From vegetarian burgers to meat-free tacos, there are tons of options with new ingredients and recipes. Thankfully, restaurants had no choice but to adapt their menu to the veggy demand. So here’s our selection of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bath. You have a meat-free blast!

Cosy Club

Located in SouthGate shopping center is Cosy Club, a bar and restaurant that caters to all dietary requirements with special attention paid to vegetarian customers *woop woop*. Go for for their avocado brunch, shakshuka, Thai veggie burger, macaroni cheese; they’ll not fail to please you. . And if the weather’s not too bad, have your meal on their stunning balcony, one of Bath’s most impressive “al fresco” dining spot. Make sure you have a look at their website, these guys have amazing deals: free drinks on Mondays, discounts on Tuesdays and an amazing Christmas brunch from the 22nd of November for only £13.95.


This independent vegetarian restaurant in Bath is the perfect match if you have any dietary requirements. From vegetarian dishes to vegan, gluten-free or dairy free options, their special diets menu offers yummy dishes that will accommodate everyone’s requirements. We recommend their savoury baklava filo pie of feta, their fig and red chicory leaf salad, and their organic squashes roasted with baharat spice mix and harissa. Yeah, it doesn’t suck to be a vegetarian anymore.


Seriously, who doesn’t love Thai food? Literally everything about Thai food is good. But above all, Thailand has some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes in the world and you can find them all at Thaikhun restaurant. From vegetarian noodles and rice plates to stir fried tofu, salads, soups and curries, you’ll be sure to find all sorts of delicious veggie dishes. They’ve got a 20% discount for students and exciting cooking experiences. Have a look at their website, wait no more and book your table. Thaikhun is by far one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bath and one of our favourites.

Turtle Bay

This restaurant chain serves authentic Caribbean goodies across the UK. Although most Caribbean dishes include meat or fish, these guys have decided to redefine Caribbean food to adapt it to you, dear veggies. And they’ve done an excellent job, cause their meat-free plates are a joy. Try their crispy okra, sunshine quinoa salad, Indian wraps, or aubergine curry, you’re definitely in for a treat. And because every meal should come with a cocktail, have a look at their drinks menu. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt here, it’s that Caribbean people know how to make great cocktails. And guess what? They’re vegetarian too!


If you want to go even further in your special diet, head to Acorn. This award-winning, vegetarian restaurant in Bath offers dishes that are completely plant-based. No meat, no fish, no food coming from animals, just the best vegan plates in town. Their food is vibrant, well proportioned, and good to look at, from tasty butternut squash terrine with charred broccoli to yummy beetroot barley risotto, and appetizing desserts. A true delish!

Olive Tree

If you’re looking for something a little bit more upmarket, you might want to take a look at this one. Located in the Queensberry hotel, Olive Tree is a Michelin star institute and of one the best vegetarian restaurants in Bath. Here, you will find a special vegetarian menu that includes seven delicious courses. Start your meal with their special beetroot, celeriac, and Jerusalem artichoke. Move on to their cauliflower and cheddar macaroni, and finish your dinner properly with their blueberry and dark chocolate desserts accompanied by their petit fours. Their wine selection reunites local and international wines, and it is divine. Have a wonderful 100% meat-free dinner.
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