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Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 18 Jun 2019
It cannot be denied that plant based power eaters are becoming more and more common and with them, the demand for more options when eating out, be it burgers, tapas or fine dining. All of us should be thinking more about how much meat we consume so we have listed some of our favourite places to discover and enjoy fine vegan dishes that won’t leave you craving a steak afterwards.

Oowee Vegan Diner

Whilst veganism might have a reputation for being the healthy option, this isn’t always the case, vegans like a bit of dirty food too! Oowee have heard their calls and opened their third burger venue that caters exclusively to those going dairy and meat free. The menu is packed with big, beefy looking burgers oozing with vegan cheese, tangy relishes, tart gherkins and fried seitan patties for those that like things battered. Loaded fries are served in groaning baskets, smothered in anything from gravy and vegan cheese, garlic “butter” or topped with “shrimp” sriracha. You are in serious danger of being wheeled out in a food coma here so wear your loose trousers.  


For vegans that like to share with friends, Root at the now infamous Wapping Wharf has been turning heads since it opened. The majority of options on the menu are vegetable based with a few meat or fish options for those friends that just can’t go without. Josh Eggleton and his team take seasonal and local produce and create something magical with it. Think sweet jersey royals with peas, leeks and rich truffle, mushrooms in miso and served with spelt grain and earthy beetroot decorated with tart blackberries, hazelnuts and seaweed. Anyone that has ever told you they don’t like vegetables and think they’re boring will be eating their words as well as their dinner here.

The Old Market Assembly

When it comes to sustainable, accessible, local and delicious food, you can’t get much better than the team at OMA. Choose between (or have both) pizza or small plates, vegans have a large choice of already animal free options or can ask to have dishes tweaked so they can be enjoyed. Vegan cheese for pizzas can also be requested, turning their “The Wardrobe” Margarita pizza into a vegan dream. All of their house nibbles are also vegan so no having to hoard your snacks away from other people! On top of all this choice, the majority of craft beer they sell is suitable for a plant free diet so there is no excuse to book for dinner.


Flow has been quietly doing a good thing well underneath the shadows of the Bear Pit and serving exclusively vegan and vegetarian food for close to 5 years. Not a single meat product can be found on the menu, a welcome change for most vegan diners who find themselves having to pick around a menu that doesn't cater for them. Here you will find incredible dishes that have been thought long and hard about that taste as beautiful as they look. Most dishes can be altered for vegan tastes but with the choice you have, you probably won’t need to. Vegan mushroom wellington with pickled enoki, salt baked beetroot with an olive crumb and rich, decadent cocoa nib cake will have you coming back again and again with even the most carnivorous of friends. Look out for their Sunday Roasts and brunch events that occasionally come around for another take on plant based dining.

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