Tuk Tuk Edinburgh Review

Kirsten Gallacher | Date posted - 05 Nov 2018

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh

Upon entering the restaurant my friend and I were greeted kindly and shown to a quaint little table with plates and cups in the middle. I really loved the idea of this restaurant; think tapas with an Indian twist. The menu consists of many small, reasonably-priced dishes, and it’s recommended to get about three per person. As we hadn’t been here before, the lovely staff clearly explained how the menu and style of food worked before we made our choices.
We ordered from the ‘Express Tiffin’ Lunch deal menu, and also picked their recommended side dish of ‘Dahi Kachori’ which arrived first. The Dahi Kachori was a real mouthful of flavours, a puri (deep-fried bread) filled with yoghurt, spices and chutneys. When I ordered I was a little apprehensive about whether I’d like it as it was served cold. However, I’d probably recommend it to anyone visiting as it ended up being my favourite dish.
For my lunch Tiffin, I ordered the samosas and two street curries: tarka dhal and butter chicken, along with a side of rice. The three dishes arrived in a really cool metal stack-able structure, which you un-stacked to reveal the next delectable dish, with a portion of rice at the bottom.

The top layer of samosas were extraordinary and really full of flavour – I’m convinced they’re some of the best samosas I’ve ever had, and they also came with a tasty dipping sauce. The butter chicken was my personal favourite of the two curries, superb creamy flavours, and not at all spicy, which I liked. The tarka dhal was also great though, it was a little spicy but came with a yummy chilly floating on top.
I was completely full by the end of the lunch menu, as the plates are a pretty decent size. My friend ordered the chicken lollipops (which she really enjoyed), along with the Bombay chilli chicken and the aloo gobi curries. She couldn’t decide which of the two she liked more, they were both super delicious, though the Bombay chilli was a lot spicier.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was really fun with a real street food kitchen vibe. The walls were decorated with various Bollywood movie posters, and by the entrance there is a ‘TukTuk Bolly Booth’, a photo booth where you can strike a pose and feature on their Facebook page! Unfortunately it was undergoing some maintenance when we visited, but it seemed like a really fun idea.
Overall, I really couldn’t recommend this restaurant enough! Great tasting food at affordable prices with their lunch menu, accompanied by a great atmosphere and excellent customer service.

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