Topolabamba Glasgow Review

Claire Murray | Date posted - 01 Oct 2018
There’s no better way to celebrate than with a margarita. Purists might insist on champagne but we all know they’re wrong. That’s why, when a friend appeared back in the city after two years of travelling, we decided to mark the occasion with a visit to Topolabamba Glasgow, city centre home of the margarita. This quirky, authentic, Mexican tapas-style restaurant is the type of venue that makes you smile from the minute you walk in the door. Even on a rainy Tuesday in Glasgow, it’s bright and welcoming and the upbeat tunes immediately give a party vibe.

After settling in and catching up on some gossip, we ordered some of their famous tequila cocktails. Sweet, sour and with just the right amount of salt, they’re a great aperitif while checking out the menu. Which is big. Not in a Kitchen Nightmares way, as everything is made fresh, but large enough that you need to genuinely pore over the tapas-style dishes to make your choices.

When we’d eventually picked, the Mexican food appeared out of the kitchen in the order that it became ready. This made five hungry girls pretty happy. First up were jalapeño poppers, a personal favourite. Filled with creamy cheese, a little bite of spice and a tangy tomato sauce for dipping, they were the perfect way to start off. Next out was the queso fundido, a cheese fondue with hidden peppers and chorizo and homemade tortilla chips for dipping. Being an absolute cheese fiend, I ate most of these myself……sorry girls. Soon we had mini fish tacos mixed with a delicious coleslaw, homemade chorizo taquitos that perfectly mixed a great crunch and the spicy goodness of chorizo and chicken quesadillas, all quickly disappearing from plates. Although all of these were delicious, the standout dish was the huevos ranchero. Cumin seed black beans and jalapeno cheese are mixed with an egg, onions and coriander, we heard it’s a huge favourite at Topolabamba Glasgow. It’s another choice for dipping and there was almost a fight over who got the last scoop of this spicy, comforting dish. By this point we were a couple of margaritas in and we’d eaten so much food that we decided not to go for dessert. Our lovely waiter brought us the bill and we paid up before I spotted the table next to us being delivered a huge plate of churros. From the smell alone and the look on the guy’s face as he dipped and bit, I can be pretty confident they’re a good choice if you’ve any room left.

Topolabamba Glasgow, 89 St Vincent St, G2 5TF

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