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Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 21 Jan 2019
When it comes to nightlife, Bristol can burn the midnight oil with the ferocity of any major city. But don’t think that long queues, sticky floors and expensive drinks are what we’re about, when it comes to enjoying an evening, we prefer to eat and drink our way to midnight. Read on for some of the best venues to enjoy yourself after hours!

Cocktails & Caribbean Vibes at Turtle Bay

If you crave the party atmosphere but clubbing gives you chills, you best darken the door of Turtle Bay. The decor is bright, the music is thumping and the menu will send your taste buds into carnival mood. Tuck into West Indian style small plates or feast on curried goat, jerk chicken and their take on the hamburger. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 2 4 1 cocktails after 21:30, we recommend their rummy take on the classic negroni.

Dinner & a show at 1766 Bar and Kitchen

If you feel Saturday night television isn’t what it used to be and you’ve watched everything on Netflix, perhaps dusting off your gladrags and heading to the theatre is order. Of course you can’t be expected to do this on an empty stomach, which is why we love 1766 Bar and Kitchen at The Old Vic. Book your tickets and leave enough time to tuck into some great food in a beautiful setting. Their early bird menu is fantastic value for money, cheaper than a takeaway!

Board games & a Bite at Chance and Counters

Who doesn’t love a board game? If you feel that you spend more time looking at your phone than at your friends and family perhaps a rigorous hour or two in Bristol’s best board game cafe could change all that. There are more games than you could shake a dice a and access to a board game expert to talk you through the finer points of your choice, so no arguments about the rules. There are also plenty of food and drink options to keep you going whilst you thrash your mates.

(Almost) skinny dipping & dinner at The Lido

If you’re a member of the beautiful Lido in Clifton, you have access to the pool until 10pm at night. What could be better than a chilled dip in the pool, a warm up in the suna and then either sharing some delectable tapas or heading upstairs for some of Chef Freddy Bird’s incredible food? Ask for the “Bird Food” menu for a five course tasting menu comprising of the chefs favourite dishes of the night.

A night cap at Hyde and Co

If you ask us, a night out isn’t a night out without a wee snifter of something strong before home. Slip through the threshold of the secretive Hyde and Co and become enveloped in the low lighting whilst breathing in the heady scent of hard liquor and exotic garnishes. This is the most fun you’ll have in a dark room all week. If you didn’t have room for pudding earlier, we recommend their peanut butter themed Old Fashioned for a delicious, sweet take on a classic.

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