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Jordan Parsons | Date posted - 12 Nov 2018
Thali comes highly recommended. There really is very little to fault with this place, and I really was looking for things! On arrival, we were warmly greeted by two members of staff. Their welcome was genuine and not at all put on, which really does make a difference. Once seated, the first thing you notice is the striking artwork on the walls. This gave the place a soul, which is a welcome change nowadays. There is a nice mix of seating areas so that you can be tucked away in a cosy spot, or out in the bright and airy part. The layout also lends itself to large group bookings if needed, so you can check it out for someone’s birthday.

The drinks menu doesn't offer a huge selection, but the Barefoot Doctor cocktail was nice and refreshing (although I would have liked a little more rum). I would also recommend the Jaipur IPA; much nicer than mainstream IPAs and only £4.50. The food options are very reasonably priced, and there are also plenty of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free options.

When our mains arrived, my first thought was how well presented they were, though that did not stop me diving in. One of the best things about Thali is the variety of things you get; while you pick your main, all of the sides allow you to enjoy a bunch of different flavours. The gunpowder potatoes in particular were cooked to perfection; soft enough that your teeth glide through, but hard enough to keep their shape.

I went for the Braised Lucknowi Lamb, and the menu does not lie when it says ‘falling-apart- tender’. It just melted in my mouth. The sauce was also great, with just the right amount of spice so that it was warming rather than hot. There was lots of sauce with the dish and I perhaps would have liked a little more rice, but luckily I had ordered a chapatti – I very much recommend this to avoid wasting the sauce. I am reliably informed by my friend who joined me that the Pumpkin Olan was tasty, so vegans need not panic about being stuck with a bean burger at Thali! When it came to dessert, I was sold on the Raw Chocolate Cheesecake before looking at the other options. It was VERY nice; taking a photo was the last thing on my mind when the waiter brought it out. It was beautifully smooth and rich, but not too filling, so you leave nicely satisfied rather than bloated.
The only thing I'd say that could be improved is the speed of service as we did have a small wait between courses. However, the staff were super friendly and the food was definitely worth any wait. I will definitely be returning to Thali, and recommend you try it out! Where is it? 1 Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS8 4HW

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