Thai restaurants in Leeds

Our favourites

Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 02 Oct 2018
The people of Leeds have a whole lotta lovin’ for Thai cuisine. With so many restaurants popping up all over the city from street food favourites to luxury dining establishments why not start by having a look at our top picks of the best Thai restaurants in Leeds.


Sukothai which translates as “The Dawn of Happiness” has all the ingredients to make several very happy customers. The setting at Sukothai is nothing short of exquisite where the interior is decked out with bamboo screens, luxurious fittings and Asian artwork. Sukothai is certainly a contender for one of the best Thai restaurants in Leeds serving up authentic Thai cuisine. Dishes include delicious Pad thai to hot and spicy flavoursome curries.

Thai Edge

An award-winning restaurant close to Millennium square, Thai edge has over 100 Thai dishes on offer, enough to satisfy any Thai food craving. From sharing platters to aromatic curries this place needs to be on your list if you love your Thai food.


No Thai restaurant list would be complete without Chaophraya. The fine dining restaurant pays homage to its roots with an exquisite interior reminiscent of modern Thai design. You won’t be surprised to learn that the food is just as good as the decor inside. Enjoy a wide array of fresh authentic Thai cuisine with the menu including everything from tasty Pad thai to our personal favourite the “Weeping Tiger” sirloin steak (£19), a grilled sirloin steak served on a sizzling plate with a trio of Thai sauces.
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