Sunday roasts in Bristol

Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 18 Jun 2019
The humble yet opinion splitting tradition of the Sunday Roast has been dividing the nation for decades. Should gravy be served on the side? Should cauliflower cheese cost extra? How crispy can you expect a roast potato to really be? These important issues and more, have been creating discourse around dinner tables and on the internet with seemingly no answers in sight. We have put our heads together and come up with our top roasts that should keep everyone happy regardless of whether you believe a yorkshire pudding should be served only with beef or with everything (hint, the answer is everything).

The Bank Tavern

Image credit: Natalie Brereton
Image credit: Natalie Brereton
This unassuming backstreet boozer has been quietly doing its own thing in the kitchen for over a decade and lately, everyone else has heard about it. With a strong focus on nose to tail cooking, truly seasonal ingredients (both from the ground and grazing the land, wild and otherwise) The Bank is serving three courses of faultless Sunday lunch for less than £16 for three courses. The roasts themselves are piled high and crowned with an enormous yorkie pudding with usually a choice of two meat and one veggie/vegan option. These guys are booking way in advance after the secret got out about how good the food is so we recommend you get yourself a table ASAP.

Bristol Spirit

Once a month Bristol Spirit hosts a genius of a roast pop up, Dinner With Ness,who serve all the trimmings that come with a roast, but don’t bother with the meat. For those who are vegan or veggie who can’t stomach another stuff squash or dry nut roast, or those who just really like trimmings, you can book a table and order as many dishes of sides you like. We really enjoy the veggie wellington, apricot jeweled stuffing and the proper cheddar and broccoli bake. Whilst there we insist you try one of the cocktails, all made with the house gin or vodka infused with fresh fruit by Bristol Spirit themselves. The cosy Swedish style decor will really get you in the mood for relaxed Sunday vibes.

Bar 44

You would be wrong to assume that Bar 44 are only in the running for incredible tapas, their Sunday Roasts are one of Bristol’s best kept secrets and we would love to change that! Choose between pork or beef and enjoy a parade of piping hot, fresh side dishes coming to your table for sharing. An enormous chorizo yorkshire pudding, glazed heritage carrots, cauli cheese and a rich, red wine gravy are just a few of the dishes you will be tucking into when you eat here which is all wonderfully paired with a bold Spanish rioja or a light and fresh elderflower sangria. This is a roast not to be missed.

Kensington Arms

The Kenny as it’s colloquially known, has nailed the traditional Sunday afternoon in the pub feel whilst serving a premium roast that will leave you impressed and satisfied. Staff will positively encourage you to start the afternoon with a spicy yet refreshing Bloody Mary, a Sunday staple if you ask us, and then offer you plenty of menu choice for those going all in for a three courser. For those that aren’t really a fan of a traditional lunch (they exist, I have met them!) there is usually a fish dish of the day to tempt then, Order a decent bottle of red or two and really settle in for a luxurious few hours of eating, drinking and catching up.
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