Steak in Newcastle

You're in for a rare night

Claire Murray | Date posted - 30 Oct 2018
Make no mis-steak, there’s nothing we love more than a good hunk of meat. Sure veganism and vegetarian restaurants are growing more popular by the day, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. It can be tough when choosing where to go though, so we’ve put together a list of recommendations for steak in Newcastle to ensure you have a night well done.

The Patricia

This neighbourhood bistro is renowned in the area for serving up great food in a relaxed environment. Opening in 2016, they serve up “the best ingredients simply and thoughtfully without any pretence.” Ah perfect. While they have a great menu filled with dishes like the herb-fed chicken and roast pollock, we’re here for the steak. And what a steak it is. Designed for sharing (although who are we to judge if you don’t), the 65 day dry aged Hereford sirloin is a thing of beauty. It comes with fries, Bearnaise sauce, and salad and you can add extra sides if you so wish.

Pleased to Meet You

This trendy restaurant has been delighting diners for a while now, serving up delicious food, amazing cocktails, and a cooler than cool atmosphere. And if you’re looking for steak in Newcastle, it’s a great place to head as it has not one, but two options to choose from. If you’re heading along with a fellow meat lover, go for the Chateaubriand 900 whole grams of dry aged meaty goodness. If not, there’s a delicious fillet steak on the menu, served up with thrice cooked chips and salad. For that veggie pal, there’s also loads of options, with choices from an open lasagne, to tarte of fine tomato.


One of our absolute favourite restaurants in the city, Lezzet is a family-run Turkish restaurant that has been putting a smile on hungry locals’ faces for a while now. While many of their dishes are traditionally Turkish, with lamb, moussaka, and kebabs featuring heavily on the menu, they also do a mean steak. With a choice of either rib-eye or sirloin, they come with home made chips, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms. Pimp up your steak with a choice of sauces, and enjoy a rare old night.

Hop and Cleaver

If meat is what you’re looking for, you’d do well to head to Hop and Cleaver. Complete carnivore specialists, they serve up wings, burgers, and crates to a discerning bunch of foodies. Head to the crates section of their menu to find our favourite dish: the flat iron steak. Choose one or two of their sides like mac and cheese, pit smoked beans, or hog rinds to go with it, and settle in for the meat coma of dreams. If you still have any room at the end (doubtful), you need to try their desserts, featuring their twist on the knickerbocker glory, and a ridiculously tasty salted peanut butter cheesecake.

TGIs Eldon Square

You can’t really talk about steak in Newcastle without mentioning TGIs can you? This staple on many city’s dining scenes has been cooking up great meats since before most of us were born. And the steaks are ridiculous. Start by choosing your meat from a selection of fillet, sirloin, or ribeye, and then pick a sauce to go with it.Then add a salad, and pick how you’d like it cooked. They all come with fries and if you’re struggling with the sauce choices, it’s gotta be their famous Jack Daniels glaze, right? If all that doesn’t sound enough for you, go for the steak, ribs, and shrimp grill that’ll have you rolled out the door at the end.
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