The Spiritualist Glasgow

Sure to tipple your fancy

Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 01 Oct 2018
There's a new type of spiritualist in town and instead of communicating with the dead, these guys are whipping up spirits of a completely different kind. The Spiritualist Glasgow, on the city's Miller Street wants to take you on a journey to a different realm where you can dine on fine food or sip on a tipple or two, all under a stunningly elegant roof. Join us on an other-worldly journey to this ethereal space, in the heart of the Merchant City.
A Brief Background: hard to believe but once a derelict library in the Merchant City, The Spiritualist Glasgow has been given a new lease of life. From the minute you walk in you are transported to the glory days of Art Deco with piano players, rich gold and navy tones woven throughout the establishment topped off with exquisite food and drink. Attention to detail is everywhere in this building, from the expensive fixtures and fittings, and elegantly lit table tops, to the bespoke lighting that can be controlled to create the mood for the evening. The setting is not the only thing making us go weak at the knees, keep reading to find out why your next stop needs to be The Spiritualist.

1. The atmosphere: live entertainment in an ethereal setting

The decor: sophisticated, modern with great attention to details. The walls are adorned with haunting paintings and we are told one is a print of the world’s first negative and possibly the others are Victorian ghosts? One thing is for sure, the space feels almost ethereal. To add to the atmosphere, The Spiritualist have music covered with piano sessions every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Grab a glass and pour yourself some wine while listening to some live entertainment.

2. The food: fine and bespoke dining

The luxurious menu is based on partnerships with some of Scotland’s finest suppliers and includes smoked mackerel and asparagus terrine or pan roasted highland venison drizzled with a port and truffle jus. You can indulge in desserts which include salted caramel, pistachio chocolate pot served with fresh berries and shortbread. All dishes are presented to a high standard and executed with the utmost skill which you can also experience for yourself. The Spiritualist offers guests the opportunity to get close to the action and enjoy a bespoke tasting menu in the comfort of an intimate dining space in The Spiritualist Kitchen. Spaces are limited so ensure you get reservations in early.

3. The drink: the country's largest selection

Home to the country’s greatest gantry, around 320 spirits take pride of place on the bar’s shelves. With everything from rare whiskeys to exclusive cognacs, The Spiritualist Glasgow has a drinks list to please even the most difficult drinks connoisseur. Their creations include some special mixes from Breakfast at Mozart’s, made with bacon infused bourbon, Mozart chocolate liqueur, cherry heering & bitters to the Salt Caramel Banana Rum Punch, including banana milk washed rum, salt caramel syrup, lime & mineral water. Why not opt for a signature cocktail, the Psy-kick which combines Mezcal, honey pineapple syrup, pineapple juice, lime & hot bitters, it’s like they read our minds. For those really special occasions, you can enjoy a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Champagne, the finest champagne money can buy, embodying elegance and purity. The drinks list is numerous and can be found online, we warn you there is so much choice, it will make your head spin! In a good way of course!

4. Buy your tipple

Another unique service on offer is “like your tipple, buy your tipple,” an offer that is sure to lift your spirits. If there is something that “tipples” your fancy from the drinks selection, you can add this to your very own collection. Speak to one of the Spiritualists and have it ordered and delivered to your home. We think it’s a lovely touch. We have been left feeling truly enchanted by The Spiritualist and there are still plenty of other worldly experiences to be had here. See and be seen at The Spiritualist as it is sure to become an institution.
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