Seafood restaurants in Aberdeen

Claire Murray | Date posted - 29 Oct 2018
With its proximity to the North Sea, and maritime background, it’s no wonder that Aberdeen has become well known as the place to eat great seafood in Scotland. While tourist flock to Edinburgh and Glasgow for great Scottish food, those in the know head to Aberdeen. That’s why we’ve done a bit of fishing around for the best seafood restaurants in Aberdeen. Go on, net yourself a great meal with our best of list.

The Silver Darling

An old Scottish term for herring (you learn something new every day!) Silver Darling restaurant in Aberdeen is famed for serving up great seafood. Situated in the old Aberdeen Customs House, it’s right on the harbour, meaning you can practically watch tomorrow’s meals being caught. We recommend treating yourself to oysters to start, either chilled with red wine vinegar, or grilled with tarragon butter. Then tuck into local delicacy, Cullen Skink, or head straight for pan seared halibut, monk cheek linguine, or classic fish and chips.


It’s of-fish-al, Howies is the most Scottish restaurant we’ve ever been to. With classic Scottish decor, a huge selection of whiskies, and a wide range of Scottish dishes, it’s definitely a must-visit if you’re in Aberdeen. Their smoked mackerel starter is a great way to begin your meal, while the fresh catch of the day is always sure to introduce you to something new. Even better, they often do special offers for seasonal dishes, with Lobster Lovin’ (half lobster, fries, salad, and fizz for just £22) a popular favourite that people can’t wait to get their claws into.


Taking up an unassuming spot in Langstane Place, this Japanese izakaya opens up to a beautiful airy restaurant inside. Specialising in sushi and omakase (where you tell the chef the things you like, give them a budget, and they serve you a surprising array of dishes), this place has been making waves for a while now. Try out their huge selection of sushi rolls with soft shell crab, prawn, and salmon, or go raw with some tasty sashimi. If you’re looking for a true Japanese experience, try out their sake, and enjoy one of the best seafood restaurants in Aberdeen.

Cafe Andaluz

If there’s one country that can match the Scottish for their love of seafood, it’s the Spanish. Which is why in our hunt for the best seafood restaurants in Aberdeen, we’ve brought you to Cafe Andaluz. This tapas place serves up a huge selection of seafood, from their famous calamari, to spicy gambas pil pil prawns. If you’re the type of person who’s OK sharing food, try out the Paella Mixta, or the Paella De Mariscos, both seafood-based dishes that will leave you happy as a clam.

210 Bistro

If a reel-ey good meal is what you’re looking for, let us introduce you to 210 Bistro. (Haha!) Sat right on the harbour-front, this glass-fronted venue gives amazing views into the bustling harbour-side area. With four floors and a multitude of spaces, it makes a great place to hang out. Their scallops and cod cheeks dish is to die for, and we’re huge fans of the langoustine tortellini. Seas the day and wash it all down with a delicious cocktail or dessert and you’ll be walking back along the road with a happy sole.
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