Quirky places to eat in Liverpool: Oh Bella

Oh Bella! | Date posted - 30 Nov 2018

Crazy Pedros

It’s always a party on Parr Street at Crazy Pedros the part time pizza parlour, full time tequila and mezcal bar. Come for the curry sauce pizza, stay for the 4am licence.

The Cat Cafe, Bold Street

As quirky as they come, the Cat Cafe is a chance to get up close and personal with fluffy felines over afternoon tea. Booking is essential, and is only open to adults and older children.

Slims Pork Chop Express

Paying homage to 80s classic ‘Big Trouble in Little China’, Slim’s Pork Chop Express offers the very best in smoked meats and barbecue - but their incredible Lo Pan Fries and unconventional Sunday roasts really are something else.

Grand Central Food Bazaar

Liverpool is chock full of history and its architecture is no exception. Grand Central Hall is enjoying its new lease of life as a vibrant food destination - still with unique Art Nouveau styling - offering up small plates, street food, and vegan options. Head straight to South American inspired Guerrilla Guerrilla to try their signature ‘Cubano’ sandwich with pineapple hot sauce.

Ghetto Golf

Book a round of the craziest golf in town down at Cains Brewery and enjoy cocktails and burgers and barbecued street food at in-house eatery Apocalypse Cow. Still one of the most fun and popular day-to-night destinations in the city, for the over 18s only!    

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