Pre-theatre in London

Our favourite places

Claire Murray | Date posted - 21 Nov 2018
No matter where you go in London, there’s usually something happening just round the corner. Whether you’re going to see The Lion King, or your friend’s avante garde production about grass growing, you need to eat. So we’ve put together the best places for pre-theatre in London. Let’s get this show on the road!

Stokey Veg Vegan

Are you a meat lover who’s trying to eat more veggie food? Or maybe you’re a vegan craving a decent restaurant with more than mushroom risotto on the menu? Either way, Stokey Veg Vegan will be right up your street. With exciting dishes like asparagus tempura, baby carrots, grilled tofu, cashew nut and corn sauce, served with black truffle dominating the menu, you’ll get a standing ovation with your pals for booking here. All their food is sourced as locally as possible and if you book before 7pm, you get a free glass of organic wine. What’s not to love?


Right in the middle of Covent Garden, Frenchie is perfectly situated to get you to the show on tiiiiiime. It’s also one of London’s most prestigious restaurants, making it quite surprising that they have one of our favourite offers on pre-theatre in London. For just £27 you can have two courses comprising of dishes like Cornish hake, or glazed beef cheek, all cooked by some of the most exciting chefs in the city. And you can add on an extra course for just £3 more. If that’s not a showstopper we don’t know what is.

Blanchette Soho

We love Blanchette! That’s why we were super excited to hear that they offer a pre-theatre menu, giving great value for money for early bird diners. For just £15, you can enjoy two courses from their pre-theatre menu, with treats like smoked chicken with puy lentils, mustard sauce, and sauteed wild mushrooms, or smoked mackerel with roasted beetroot and pickled fennel. You’ll get to enjoy it all in their beautiful venue, with its stylish vintage interior and super friendly staff.

Meat People

Pretty much the opposite of Stokey Veg Vegan, Meat People is famous for serving up, well, delicious meat. The venue itself is cosy and classy, making it the perfect place to kick off an evening. For just £18 you can enjoy a 200lb rib eye steak with chips and a glass of wine for just £18. It’s available Sunday - Friday meaning you’ll have somewhere tasty to head most days of the week. And we can almost guarantee you’ll be back for multiple encores.
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