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Clara Bejjani | Date posted - 04 Oct 2018
Swinging since the sixties and inspiring artists to this day, Soho is one of the most popular and entertaining districts in London’s West end, with plenty of places to eat. From old pubs and funky late-night bars, it’s a go-to when visiting London. Renowned for its record shops, vinyl collections, and street markets, Berwick street is the perfect place to start your discovery of the creative Soho district. Did you that know The Great Windmill Street got its name from the Windmill Theatre, which claimed to have been the only theatre that never closed during the Second World War? The Windmill Theatre is also famous for hosting a nude tableaux vivant in the 1930’s; saucy. Soho is also known as one of the best places in the city to grab some amazing food. Check out our list of the best places to eat in Soho for some cool inspiration.

Cay Tre Soho

When strolling down this fascinating street, why not stop for a bite at Cay Tre Soho? Hailed as the most authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, you can experience the atmosphere and flavours from the land of the rising sun. Be sure to have a taste of the classic beef Pho, which takes over 18 hours to make! Or make Pho “your own” by adding ingredients just to your liking.
FUN HISTORICAL STREET ALERT! Dean Street was once the stage for a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a home for Karl Marx, and hosted regular performances by Charles Dickens at the Royalty Theatre. After trawling the places to eat in Soho, visit the Soho Theatre to score all your culture points quickly!

Blanchette Soho

Simple, classic, and inventive, that’s Blanchette. A buzzy French bistro in the heart of Soho, Blanchette oozes intimate dining vibes and is a must for lovers of French cuisine. Founded in 2013 by a trio of brothers, the Parisian restaurant delivers a tasty French menu that will have you coming back again and again. A special mention for the ox cheek bourguignon, tuna tartare, and the crispy frog’s legs, all of which are cooked to perfection.

Darjeeling Express

Next up on your tour of places to eat in Soho are the ladies of Darjeeling Express Ltd. An all-woman team of amateur cooks head up this kitchen and judging by the menu, they are doing a smashing job. Expect a North Indian/Bengali fusion of cooking inspired by owner, Asma Khan’s heritage. This means a menu packed with everything from fragrant biryanis, to meaty mains of slow cooked goat curry, and spicy beef dishes.


Thai and barbecue are two words that we never thought we’d be saying together. However, Chef Ben Chapman of Soho’s Smoking Goat is changing all that with Kiln. A rare gem, this place serves up an array of notable dishes including the northern style pork laap and the full of flavour, guinea fowl jungle curry. Delving further into their menu, you’ll see that these guys are “kiln’in it” with their food, and it’s no wonder they’re known as one of the best places to eat in Soho.

Kricket Soho

Born in a 20 seat shipping container in 2015 Kricket Soho has come a long way and today, boasts a permanent restaurant in Soho. Spread over two floors, Kricket Soho serves modern Indian plates that are perfect for sharing. Whatever you choose from the strong menu, make sure you save room for the bhel puri – a refreshing bowl of rice with raw mango and tamarind that was seen somewhat of a signature dish at their old site.
Colourful, and culturally diverse, Soho has become a hotspot for visitors who want to experience variety, from the entertainment but also from the food. Let’s continue our journey and see what other gems are waiting to be found in the heart of Soho.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

He’s praised for his culinary mastery, and Robuchon’s impressive collection of worldwide restaurants is proof of that. With restaurants in Paris, Hong Kong, and London, you know that you’re getting a world-class meal wherever you are. Whatever the city, the concept is always the same; a French spin on European cuisine with a sprinkle of Japanese influences. The Covent Garden venue, in the heart of London, spans three floors and is a treat. If you venture here, why not try the L’unch menu, where you can dine on three Michelin-starred courses for £29?

10 Greek Street

Mediterranean, Small Plates
Themed and gimmicky restaurants have always been a thing, but sometimes you just want no fuss and simple, yet delicious food to enjoy in a relaxed setting. That’s where 10 Greek Street comes in. The menu is small but the dishes you get are packed full of flavour and guaranteed to leave you satisfied. No smashing of plates here. Our favourite dishes on the menu include the fried baby squid and the perfectly cooked sea bream with mussels, which are a delight.

Randall and Aubin Soho

Next up in our tour of the best places to eat in Soho, we have Randall and Aubin. The Brewer Street brasserie has seafood and oysters down to a T, but that’s not to say the other dishes are to be shunned. The rotisserie chicken and other French/English classics like the onion soup and the steak frites are also up there with some of the best in Soho.

The Life Goddess

Bringing the mediterranean to Carnaby, The Life Goddess is a Greek restaurant serving home-style Greek cuisine that’ll make you question if you’re even in London. The team use fruit and vegetables from Greece, alongside locally sourced meat fish and poultry, to craft traditional dishes.
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