Pizza in London

Zopaash Iqbal | Date posted - 06 Nov 2018
Quite rightly one of the most popular foods in the world, pizza is usually the answer to everyone’s problems. Whether you’re a classic margarita kinda person, a funghi fan, or you like your pizza packed full of meat, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots for pizza in London. Now, who wants a slice?

MOD Pizza

A Subway-style pizza joint, MOD Pizza allows you to build your own pizza. Get in the queue, choose from three sizes of pizza, then get ready for the best part, the toppings. With 38 to choose from you can let your imagination run wild and create your dream pizza.

Made of Dough

Do you want a pizza perfection? Then you can’t really ask for much better than a pizza from Made of Dough. Starting life as a street food stall in Peckham, they’ve become so popular they’ve set up shop here for good, and we’re glad they did. This pizza joint is slick and stylish, and pizzas here use a range of inventive toppings. A special mention for the marvellous merguez pizza, made with ‘flock & herd’ lamb merguez, solea tomato, italian broccoli, and red onion.


Pizza just like nonna used to make is what you’ll find at Sanzio. In the heart of Willesden Green, Sanzio is a bustling restaurant known for its authentic Italian dishes. Created by Maria Sundrica, Sanzio offers dishes that her grandmother might have served her as a child in their seaside home on the Adriatic Sea. The pizzas here are classic, uncomplicated, and fresh.

Getti Jermyn Street

Transport yourself to the summer and head to Getti Jermyn Street for a Italian pizza like no other. The ambiance here aims to recreate the surrounding areas of Lake Como and radiates the sunshine of the Mediterranean. You can pretend the sun is beating down on your face, as you feast on a pizza made with the freshest ingredients.

Guste Remo

The brainchild of two anglo-Italians born and raised in London to Italian parents, Geste Remo was created after years of talking about the brand. Here they serve casual Italian food with a modern flair. You’ll find a menu packed with pizza, including sourdough and gluten-free options, as well as veggie and vegan options. For the meat and seafood eaters there’s also enough to cater to your pizza cravings.
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