Pizza in Liverpool

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Claire Murray | Date posted - 15 Nov 2018
Pizza is one of those foods when if you want it, you just have to have it. That crispy base, oozy cheese, tasty toppings; it really is a feat of culinary genius. With so much choice though, it can be hard finding the best pizza in Liverpool though. But don’t worry, we’ve put together our top picks. Bookmark this for a hangover.

Crazy Pedros

When you think of pizza in Liverpool, Crazy Pedros is easily one of the first to pop into your mind. This mad restaurant/bar/late night hang out is famous for frankly ridiculous toppings like pretty much a whole katsu curry on a pizza, fried chicken and waffles, and hot dogs (what’s even more ridiculous is that they work). Head along between 5-9pm Monday to Friday to get £10 pizzas, 2-4-1 cocktails, and cheap wine. What more could you possibly want?


You’ll need to travel a little bit out of the city centre to visit the Woolton branch of this pizza place, but trust us it’s worth it. With everything made in their wood-fired ovens, and a choice of five (yes five) types of crust, it’s one of the best places for pizza in Liverpool. Their menu features four types of pizza from classics to white, with toppings like asparagus, pancetta, and egg; or classics like a Napoletana. Give us a pizza this right now!

Santa Maluco

Do you like unlimited pizza? Stupid question, right? Santa Maluco is a “Rodizio” pizza place, where you pay a set price and they just keeping bringing you pizza until you signal to them to stop. And it’s not just your standard ones either, they also serve up sweet pizza, meaning you can eat pizza for all your courses. If you’re a bit more of a Joey Tribbiani and you don’t share food, they also do whole ones you can eat all to yourself.

Il Forno

Nowhere does pizza better than a classic Italian restaurant, so we’ve brought you to Il Forno for pizza like the chef’s mama used to make. From classics like the diavola (tomato, mozza, and salami) to their gourmet versions with marinated beef, black truffle, and truffle cheese, there’s something that will suit every pizza lover. Best of all, if you’re looking for gluten-free pizza in Liverpool, every pizza is available in a GF version. Winning!

The Quarter

Sister venue to 60 Hope Street and Host, these guys have pedigree when it comes to tasty food. Their stone-baked pizzas are served up in their super-relaxing space, with the buzz of Faulkner Street just outside. Choose from treats like the New Yorker (pastrami, crispy bacon, meatballs, and pickles) or the spiced aubergine with vegan cheese, aubergine, tahini, and coriander. It’s also super coeliac-friendly, with a whole gluten free pizza menu, meaning everyone gets to enjoy The Quarter. Even your dog. (We love dog-friendly places!)
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