Pizza in Dublin

Madeline Pratley | Date posted - 07 Jun 2019
Everyone loves pizza, it’s a comforting mix of delicious dough, gooey melted cheese, the sweet sharpness of tomatoes (unless you’re a white pizza fan), and whatever toppings you like, spicy salami, umami mushrooms, or a drizzle of luxurious truffle oil. If you need a place to indulge in your pizza cravings, try any of these perfect pizza places in Dublin.

Toscana - City Centre

Slap bang in the city centre on Dame Street is Toscana, one of Dublin’s best Italian restaurants. If you’re looking for authentic Neapolitan style pizza this is your jam, made using flour imported especially from Naples, and hand stretched to create a thin base which is baked fresh in their own stone fired ovens. On the menu, there’s the classic Margherita, or you could go for the rustica with parma ham, goat’s cheese, roasted red pepper, black olives, and rocket leaves. There are nine options to choose from, including a fishy one (frutti di mare), tuna with mussels, shrimps, and anchovies. If you’re planning on going all in, their antipasti are fresh and delicious. Try the selection of cured meats, italian cheese, sun-dried tomatoes with pickled home grown vegetables. Most pizza places are walk ins only, but this place let’s you book in, so if you want to plan something special for this evening, book Toscana.

Forno 500

At Forno 500 they take their pizza seriously, flying in artisan wood fired oven manufacturers from Naples to build their pizza oven. The construction was on lock down as the team didn’t want to reveal the secrets of the pizza oven that have been handed down through generations. Using actual volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius as mortar, the pizza oven stands proudly in the kitchen and can be seen from the dining room through a glass window. Take a look and see your pizza being made, it barely takes a minute and will come out still bubbling away, soft and light (not crispy, this is Neapolitan style). Get the Napoli style pizza, with mozzarella, fior di latte, salt cured anchovies, olives, garlic, and that tasty EVOO.

Dublin Pizza Company

Hailed by many as making the “perfect pizza”, Dublin Pizza Company are one of the best places to go for pizza in Dublin. They do 9” or 13” pizzas, and starting at €9, it’s pretty affordable. Their mozzarella is from Toonsbridge and they use all local ingredients, like the Dingle whiskey-cured salami, and the Coolea 19-month extra mature shavings on the DPC pizza (the one to go for if you’ve never been before). They even do dips using their own original house recipes, choose from smoked garlic and chives buttermilk, italian herbs and red chilli olive oil, and (our choice) the black garlic and truffle aioli. There are no seats here, so get yourself a pizza for lunch, and if it’s a sunny day take a brisk walk to St Stephen’s Green.


Looking for value for money? Sano on Exchange Street does a simple 12-inch Marinara (margarita without mozzarella) for just €6. Our pick is the Diavola, with spicy Calabrian salami. Again, this place does the softer style Neapolitan pizza, which literally melts in your mouth. Opened by the MacHugh twins after a trip to Naples, Sano was, for them, a mission to serve authentic pizza right on their home turf. They loved the use of sourdough as the base for pizza, they were lighter, and had a lot less salt than the usual pizza base. Plus, all these pizzas were so affordable as well as being tasty. They allow bookings of 6 or more Monday to Friday from 12pm to 5.30pm, but you can easily walk in and grab a table if you’re in the area.


Started by James Cirillo in 2016, Cirillo’s was born out of a long family history with Italian food and wine. If it’s pizza you’re looking for, then this is the place. Their wood fired pizzas are made to the traditional Vera Pizza Napoletana standards using San Marzano tomatoes, 00 flour, fresh mozzarella all finished in their wood fire oven. They slow-prove their pizza dough for 30 hours using a recipe from their head Pizzaiolo, Daniele Accardo. If someone you know isn’t into pizza, they have a ton of other options, pasta, antipasti, breads, and ice creams. But, back to the pizza, you can see the pizzaiolo’s making the pizza in the oven if you’re lucky enough to get a front row seat downstairs. It can get pretty busy so it’s a good idea to book before you go.

Pizza Yard

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Are you the world’s biggest pizza fan? Want to test your pizza-eating skills? Get yourself a two yard pizza (apparently it serves up to eight people, but we think you can do it). If you’re not up to two yards, they do a one yard pizza, and the usual 12”. The pizzas here are cooked roman style using italian flour and EVOO, matured in 3 stages over 72 hours. The difference between Roman and Neapolitan pizza is that Roman pizza tends to be thinner and crispier, which means it can hold a lot more ingredients. It’s hand tossed, stretched and topped with your toppings of choice before it’s stone baked in their custom-built Castelli oven from Rome. We know it’s all about the pizza but the desserts here are second to none. We’re big into the banoffee pie (who doesn’t love banoffee?!) and the classic italian dessert of Tiramisu.
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