Dog friendly brunch at Phillies of Shawlands

Claire Murray | Date posted - 19 Nov 2018
I might have overdone it this Saturday. Some friends came round for dinner and rather than the planned civilised night, there are vague memories of loud power ballad singing, group handstands, and the Time Warp. Our neighbours love us. So when Sunday rolled around, there was only one thing on our minds: food. Living in the Southside of Glasgow, there are many many brunch options. We decided to stroll down to Shawlands with the dog and hit up Phillies, one of our favourite dog-friendly spots in the city. Dragging our poor bodies through the door, we were immediately seated in a couple of comfy seats. I used to work with the manager in my waitressing days so we had a chat, explained our predicament, and he quickly brought us some much needed water. Our dog is pretty cute (yes, I’m biased) and he attracted the attention of some of the staff who came over to pet and fuss him - dog friendly points: 10.

Browsing the menu I couldn’t look past the friend chicken waffles with honey and sesame. I was at the hungover stage when all you need is stodge and fried things and I knew it was kill or cure time. My dining partner went for salt baked cod with bacon and we settled in with some coffees to await our food. Thankfully, we didn’t have long to sit around. Within ten minutes the waitress was delivering us two plates, heaped with hungover food of dreams. The people at the table next to us started murmuring and pointing at my plate which is always a good sign. I love giving people food envy. The dog was also pretty excited, trying to sit still to maximise his good boy chances of chicken, while his overriding need to be closer to the chicken threatened to take over.

Oh the chicken. It was crispy on the outside, but so soft and warm when I cut into it. The breadcrumbs coating it were delicately spiced, with lots of sesame seeds that gave extra crunch. One of the main issues I find with waffles is the puny amount of sauce you often get with them. However, the guys at Phillies had been generous with the honey, meaning there was plenty to dip my forkful into. My other half’s salt baked cod was, likewise, exactly what he was looking for. Perfectly salty, it was flaky and creamy and came with a massive portion of bacon. Although calling it bacon might be a little unfair as it was substantial enough to almost class as gammon. About half an inch thick, and perfectly cooked with just a little bit of crispiness, he declared it “absolutely gorgeous.” When our food was over, we sat around for a bit listening to the DJ play some vinyl. There are not many places in Glasgow that have a DJ on a Sunday afternoon but this guy played some dub and reggae, perfectly capturing the chilled Sunday vibe. Even the dog bought into the mood and lay down, taking a wee nap under the table.

At the bottom of the main Phillies area, there’s a little shop called Curious Liquids. They sell a selection of wine and beers, many of which you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city. It’s a lovely wee space where you can buy bottles to take away or sit at their little selection of tables and watch the world go by with a glass of wine. We didn’t end up buying anything this time (booze was the last thing on our minds) but we will definitely be back to check it out.

Sound tasty?

Get yourself booked in! 79 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 3YH
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