One Day in Auckland

AuckEats | Date posted - 26 Apr 2019
Auckland is one of the biggest cities in New Zealand, with so many restaurants, cafes, and bars, it can be hard to choose where to go. Which is why one of our favourite Auckland bloggers, AuckEats has created this guide for your day in Auckland.  

Breakfast: Major Sprout

Start your day off with a bang and visit Major sprout to get all the energy you’ll need to get onto exploring the city of sails. Major sprout is located just off of Victoria Street, adjacent to the Spark head office and it is something special. Make yourself at home in their artsy and cozy eatery which is laid out with plants everywhere; you’ll seem to forget you’re in the middle of the commercial district. Major Sprout turns your usual kiwi breakfasts into pieces of art, their pancakes are overflowing with pink candy floss and colours that are naturally not seen in a hearty breakfast, while their ‘green’ eggs benedict is also a hefty feed, served on a loaf of bread with spinach overflowing onto the plate, it is really an experience in itself. Major sprout will start up the day well and give you a slice of what is to come next in your food journey in Auckland.

Lunch: Besos Latinos

South American, Mexican, Latin American
After you’ve had time to explore a bit of Auckland during the day and tired your self out, there is no better place to get refreshed and fed with authentic Mexican and Latin American dishes cooked up by a staff who are experts when it comes to Latin American cuisine. Besos Latinos is in the busy Eliot stables food court, with its own, sparse and well lit with Mexican figures such as Frida Kahlo postered all over the walls. Their tacos serve as the best starter, the pork and pineapple taco is probably one of the best use of pineapple in food. The Jalapeno poppers are like no other, deep fried peppers with cheese inside. Finish off with their classic meat dish of beef anticuchos served on a simmering plate to give you that boost of protein and carry you to your next meal. Take a look at my review if you want to find out more...

Dinner: Culprit

After a tiring day taking on the busy Auckland streets and exploring the picturesque viaduct, come to culprit, the epitome of New Zealand contemporary cuisine. Just located off of queen street, it is an elegant dining room with a central bar, so you’re never too far from your drinks. They serve a yum-cha style trolley service in which nine dishes are served, and you can pick to eat or not eat any of those dishes. Each plate has its price and is served in bite-size portions, but you can also order mains after the trolley service. Culprit is different in the way that they can bring bites from all around New Zealand and serve them elegantly on your plate, some of the tastes that feature include, bone marrow, chicken liver, market fish sashimi and a wagyu dish, every one of these are sourced from local producers. Finish off with their Whittaker's chocolate dessert, and you’ll be ready just about to finish your day. Culprit is one of the establishments that is a must, to experience what the Auckland food scene is about.

Drinks: Chamberlain/Tallulah

If you have time, come through to Tallulah, a pop-up tiki-themed cocktail venue on top of the Chamberlain, you can finish your night with a fruity cocktail, taking in the views of the harbour and looking back on your days worth of adventure in Auckland

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