Mac & Wild Creative

Madeline Pratley | Date posted - 22 Apr 2019
Mac & Wild is a Scottish restaurant ran by two Scots, Calum and Andy. They brought meat from Andy’s family butchery, Ardgay Game, to a street market stall in London in 2012, and haven’t looked back since. The demand completely outstripped supply. It turns out people really love venison and big juicy burgers. After opening two restaurants in London, they’ve opened Mac & Wild Falls of Shin just three miles from the butchery. More than just a restaurant, Falls of Shin is a place for the community, so whether you’re just visiting or you’re a highlander born and bred, there’s plenty to get involved with. If you like to get creative, these events at Mac & Wild's Fall of Shin location will be perfect for you...

Willow Basketry with Tim Palmer basket maker

The guys at Mac & Wild have an all day course for you to get stuck into. This day course is run by Tim Palmer who will teach you all about willow basketry. You’ll learn how to make a willow platter for fruit or freshly baked bread, a natural bird feeder, or a trug for collecting the fruits of your forage. You might work up a sweat, so not to worry, there’ll be lunch and refreshments included.

Children's Flower Basket Making (Children's event)

Sunday’s are for chilling, running a bath, and reading the paper. But if you’ve got kids, it’s a whole different story. Enjoy some creative play and get them down to the Falls of Shin to have a go at their flower basket making station. Kids will be provided with a scavenger sheet to search for all the wild flowers, and once they’ve filled it with beautiful foraged botanicals they can give it as a gift or play with it themselves.
Scotland is bursting with natural goodness but also creative talent. The events at the Falls of Shin will provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the best of both whilst enjoying some fantastic age old traditions that sit sympathetically with modern living. Enjoy!
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