Italian restaurants in Singapore


Claire Murray | Date posted - 04 Oct 2018
No matter what type of food takes your fancy, you’re bound to find it in abundance in Singapore. Known for delicious food and great flavours, this city is one place that you’re sure to come across a great meal. And who does food better than the Italians? No one, we say. For some bellissimo choices, check out our pick of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore for when you just can’t escape that pasta craving.

The Cliff

What could be better than eating at one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore while sitting on the edge of a cliff? We can’t think of much. Start your evening off in the traditional Italian way, with an apertif on the terrace, before heading into the beautiful restaurant to peruse the menu. And what a menu it is. For a special occasion, start with antipasti that includes tuna tartar with smoked caviar, or go a little lighter with summer salad with a truffle dressing. The mains showcase some stunning ingredients and we loved the black cod with caramelised celeriac. The best thing about iLlido at The Cliff is that when dinner is over, it’s not really over. As darkness falls you can head back out to the terrace and enjoy the city below with a nightcap.


Situated in the famous Fairmont Hotel, Prego is one of Singapore’s favourite Italian dining institutions. Famed for their thin crust pizzas, tourists and locals flock to Prego for authentic Italian food. Modelled around a traditional tratttoria, the ambience is completed by hanging Parmesan wheels, delicious-looking balsamic bottles, and a friendly, smooth, style of service. The aforementioned pizzas are one of the highlights of the menu with a wood-fired oven creating a rustic feel, but there are many other dishes to choose from too. The seafood is all caught fresh and the salmon dish was one of the best we’ve had. Top tip: try the gelato, you really won’t be disappointed.


One of the most visually pleasing venues on our list, Zafferano is a favourite amongst the people of Singapore. Lovely wooden tables surround a marble-topped bar centre-piece and the place has an air of relaxed elegance. If the inside doesn’t please you, the impressive views over Singapore will. But the main event is the food. Combining classic dishes with modern techniques, the cooking at Zafferano is the stuff of dreams. There’s a classic a la carte menu, where you can choose meats like New Zealand scampi or Black Angus beef from the secondi menu, a selection of pastas and pizzas, or can even create your own tasting menu. Zafferano is famed for its selection of wines too, so you’ll never be short of a drink to pair with your food.
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