Healthy restaurants in Dublin

Claire Murray | Date posted - 15 May 2019
Between “activated food”, crazily named berries, and dishes that literally look like sludge, health food hasn’t always been that accessible. However, as people start to realise that food that’s good for you can look and taste great, eating healthy food is really catching on. And Dublin’s no different. So, we decided to round up our favourite healthy restaurants in Dublin so you can choose your treat days wisely


When a venue has a full menu section dedicated to a collaboration with one of the city’s most famous personal trainers, you know it’s gonna be healthy. At Balfes, their BodyByrne section is a huge hit on the breakfast menu featuring plates like oat pancakes with berries and agave nectar, scrambled eggs with avo, and turbo energy granola with Greek yoghurt and berries. They also have healthy options on their full menu, allowing you to choose salmon, salads, turkey burgers, and much more. Truly showing off their healthy Dublin restaurant credentials, they also serve a turmeric, ginger, and lemon shot to boost your antioxidants.

Sova Vegan Butcher

Leo Varadkar recently announced he was eating vegan one day a week to do his bit for climate change, and he’s not the only one. No longer a niche diet, more and more people are trying meat-free eating either full-time or on specific days like Meat Free Mondays.  And Bart Sova and his team at Sova Vegan Butcher have tapped into this perfectly, creating plant-based meals that taste as good, if not better, than carnivorous ones. Dishes include chickpea and polenta meatballs, seitan steak with pepper sauce, and chia cheeseburgers; all hearty, healthy dishes that will have you leaving pretty full up. They also do BYOB (YES!) so you can choose exactly how much you want to drink. Since you’re being healthy!

Red Torch Ginger

Asian food is renowned for being good for you, featuring plenty of veggies, lots of fish, and packed full of flavour. And Thai is no different. That’s why we’re recommending Red Torch Ginger, one of Dublin’s favourite Thai spots. Their menu features all the classics like yellow, green, and Massaman curries, chicken satay, and spring rolls. But it’s healthy restaurants in Dublin you’re looking for so you might want to head to the stir fries and salads sections. There’s a huge selection, from Asian duck or tofu stir fries, to beef salad with hot and sour dressings. Don’t forget to order a side of their stir fried greens, where pak choi, green beans, and broccoli in oyster sauce will make you rethink all your childhood notions about veggies being gross.

10 Fleet Street

Heading to a healthy restaurant in Dublin doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice a bit of suave when you pick 10 Fleet Street. This fancy hotel restaurant in Temple Bar’s The Morgan Hotel prides itself on bringing the glam and is decorated in plush velvet seating with gorgeous gold accents. But that doesn’t mean it’s all creams and oily garnishes. Far from it, they have a brilliant salad section with thai beef, halloumi and caesar among the options, and a feast of fish dishes to choose from the evening. If you fancy treating yourself after dinner, there’s a great desert section that will break all your good intentions.

Brother Hubbard North

One of the stalwarts of the healthy eating scene in Dublin, Brother Hubbards have two venues, in the North and South of the city, and are often referred to as Dublin’s version of Ottolenghi. We recommend heading down for breakfast, where their slow-cooked porridge with toasted seeds, dried fruit, and crystalised ginger will get your day off to a great start. We’re also big fans of their vegan avo special; smashed avocado and chickpea on georgian bread with lentils, salad, coconut crisps and peashoots. Even better, they’re super accommodating to intolerances, so perfect if you’re gluten free, dairy free, or anything-else-free.
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