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Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 21 May 2019
In this age of eschewing real life interaction in favour of liking posts on Instagram, we think it’s high time you sent a message to that Whatsapp group you have on mute and organise a proper get together with your mates. Sharing food is what has brought humanity together for thousands of years, and we love a tradition. Read on for our top tips for group dining in Bristol.

Pata Negra

When we think group dining, we think tapas. Is there anything more iconic when it comes to enjoying food and company? Pata Negra is bringing Barcelona to Bristol with their group seating, Spanish vibes and huge selection of hot and cold tapas. Order around 3 dishes each and get lost in vibrant conversation, a cracking playlist and the clashing of forks making an attempt for that last croqueta. If you’re worried about order envy, Pata Negra also has a chefs menu that will bring out enough of their favourite menu options to share so no one misses out on on the best pasta bravas in the city.

Harbour & Browns

Harbour & Browns have upped the group dining experience game, packing a 12 seater table into their little shipping container. The small plates here are all crowd pleasers with bacon cheese burger sliders, mushroom arancini and plump king prawns on focaccia with a creamy tomato sauce all stars on previous menu incarnations. For groups with big appetites, Wednesday is all you can eat day! Order up to two dishes each at a time and attempt to try at least one of everything if you can manage it. The menu changes seasonally so there’s no excuse to not go regularly.

Woky Ko : Kauto

Woky Ko is multiplying faster than your Sunday Dim Sum order with one of their largest venues sitting on Park Street. From here you can people watch from upstairs or kitchen watch from downstairs whilst enjoying a menu full of modern takes on some East Asian classics. The menu has plenty of amazing sharing plates to scoff whilst catching up with old buddies (we love the spring rolls, prawn toast and rib with lettuce wraps) as well as five options of bao filling, may I suggest one of each?


The thing about street food is it’s a great way for everyone to get what they want without someone at the back suffering in silence. Dhamaka have bought Indian street food indoors at a price point that is perfect for sharing with your nearest and dearest. This isn’t going out for a beer and a pint on a Saturday night food, this is a menu full of different chaat, delicacies from the kitchens clay oven like lamb chops, tiger prawns and paneer tikka and even some IndoChinese options for the adventurous. Dhamaka also offer platters to guests that just can’t choose that groan with enough food for everyone, do not mistake being a restaurant for lacking in generosity!

Bar 44 Bristol

We have come back full circle to the ultimate group dining event that is a night out eating tapas. However I am loathed to repeat myself so we want to talk to you about their Sunday Roasts. They don’t chuck out the sharing element and instead bring everything on the table for everyone to dive in to. Plates heaving with roast potatoes, freshly prepped vegetables and a giant yorkshire cooked with chorizo is presented to share between two. Choose between rare beef of succulent pork belly and crackling and a few bottles of good Spanish wine for the ultimate Sunday afternoon pick up (or start with a sangria to help soften the head from the night before).

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