Girls night out in Dublin

Madeline Pratley | Date posted - 12 Mar 2019
Grab your girls, leave behind your other half, or your cat, and have yourself a girls night out in Dublin.

The Sidecar at The Westbury

Looking for a stylish night out? The Sidecar is the place to go, old school elegance, and a modern take on a 30s cocktail bar. Invest in a cigarette holder, a fringe dress, and a new bob haircut and you’ll fit right in. It’s the kind of place you can drink dry martinis and pretend you’re in New York rather than Dublin. Speaking of New York, The Dead Rabbit bar in NYC are doing a residency there, so best to book in to avoid missing out.

Hang Dai

Every Friday and Saturday, enjoy some beats and beijing duck together at Hang Dai, your new favourite place to go out and eat on a weekend. The neon lights and cool vibe are the best way to start a girls night out in Dublin. Try the butter poached scallops and white salad for something a little bit different, or the dumplings for some delicious fried parcels of pork. Word on the street is you need to pre-order the duck before you go, so if there’s a crowd of you wanting duck and bucket loads of pinot grigio and gin and tonics, make sure you pre-order.


Ireland’s only contemporary Mexican restaurant is located on South Great George’s Street, it’s an ideal place to start your girls night out in Dublin especially with their extensive 100% blue agave tequila list, and an award-winning cocktail menu, including beverages such as the Yerba Bueno made from blanco tequila, citric acid, unicorn tears, and orange bitters. There’s also a group menu priced at €45 per person where you’ll get pre-starters, starters, wood fired mains (Iberico pork, grilled quail, and grilled steak), sides, and indulgent desserts (we’re talking bread and butter pudding with dulce de leche and crema, we can’t even).


Thai for a “happy meeting place”, Saba is another great place to meet up with the ladies in your life. Serving authentic thai cuisine, Saba even does a special group menu if there’s a lot of you. You’ll start with some appetisers, such as vegetable spring rolls, black pepper squid, Saba chicken wings, and tasty sweetcorn fritters. Then you can have ALL the curries along with a wok dish. If it’s a boozy night, try one of the zingers or the perfect serves, especially the Thai Rum and mango lemonade one.


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An atmospheric Japanese restaurant just near ha’penny bridge (other location is in South City and there’s the Izakaya Sake bar too), opening over ten years ago, and boasting incredible interiors features, Yamamori is a great place to go for a girls night out in Dublin, and as it’s Dublin, the party continues downstairs in the Tengu and Kaizen bar, or head to the Izakaya basement or The Whisky Bar.
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