Getti Jermyn Street

A review

Claire Murray | Date posted - 02 Oct 2018
If you’ve spent your evening wandering around London, sometimes all you need is a bit of comfort food. Which is exactly what I was craving on a mid-February evening when I ended up in Gett, Jermyn Street. After a full day of work and with a lashing wind at my back, I hopped into this inviting looking Italian restaurant, just off Piccadilly Circus, to warm up.
From the outside, it looked warm and had all the makings of a great restaurant: smart awnings, an eye-catching sign, and a view of the cosily-lit inside. Perfect. I was on my own, which I know can be a bit annoying for venues, but the staff were super friendly, greeting me like an old pal and immediately ushering me to a table. Opening my menu, I knew I was in for a treat. Old favourites like gnocchi and linguine jumped out at me, straight away, but reading on, the menu had lots of depth, and it took me a while to make a choice. Torn between two or three courses, I decided to do the diet a favour and opt for a starter and a main of anchovies with a green sauce, and gnocchi. Knowing I was going to have some wine with dinner, I started things off with a glass of Menabrea beer and settled in to watch the diners streaming into Getti, Jermyn Street. When I’d first walked in, the place was quite quiet but, boy, did it soon fill up. It’s not a huge space so it didn’t take long for it to feel full, yet the staff stayed as friendly as ever, ensuring that me and everyone around had a great time. So far, so good.

Something new

I was pretty happy when my starter came out super-sharp; I’d missed lunch and was getting quite peckish. I was even happier when I tasted it. Anchovies are such a simple dish, yet when they’re done right they rank up with the best starters. Salty and oily, with a great tang, they went perfectly with the “green sauce”, consisting of basil, chillis, oils, and plenty of spice. Even better, it was accompanied by some warm, herbey focaccia, perfect for dipping. I was really looking forward to my gnocchi now.

Little surprises

Between courses I had a chat with my friendly Italian waiter. The place was buzzing but he handled everything perfectly, serving dishes and talking to his customers, making everyone feel welcome. My gnocchi arrived quickly and I dug in. Wow. The tomato sauce was thick and rich, and the gnocchi themselves were huge. The best bit was biting into my first piece and finding it with mozzarella, something I’ve never come across. That chef’s mamma should be proud! I confess, I ate every last bit and almost licked the plate. My mum would not have been so proud though, so I refrained.

To finish

I did toy with the idea of dessert but was a bit carbed out so decided just to have a drink to round off my meal. A glass of Amaro Averna (a Sicillian liqueur with herbs, roots, and citrus rinds) was the perfect way to finish off an evening of great Italian food and chat. Thankfully it also gave me some fortification for braving the cold outside again. Luckily, I didn’t need fortification for the bill. The total at Getti Jermyn Street came in at £29 for my meal, drinks, and service charge; no small feat in London.
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