Fun restaurants in Liverpool

Claire Murray | Date posted - 28 Oct 2018
We all know Liverpudlians have a fun streak. That accent, their love for “the footie”, and propensity for a good night out on the town, make them the best kind of people to hang out with. So it’s easy to see why the city itself is such a great place to spend some time. And there’s no point in hitting up the best attractions to head to a rubbish restaurant for dinner. To solve this dilemma, we’ve put together a list of the best fun restaurants in Liverpool so you can keep “tasting” the excitement of this brilliant place.

Crazy Pedro's

If you’re looking for fun in Liverpool, it doesn’t come much better than Crazy Pedro’s. Living up to its name, this late night pizza parlour serves up slices topped with things like waffles and maple syrup, mac sauce, and blueberries. They also serve an absolutely bonkers nachos dish, with all your usual nachos extras, and a whole pizza of your choice thrown in. With neon artwork, mad posters lining the walls, and a drinks list that can only be described as “eclectic” this is one of the truly fun restaurants in Liverpool. Get yourself booked in for a pizza and a dance, now!

Chicha Peruvian Street Kitchen

Fun name, fun place, right? Yep. At Chicha Peruvian Street Kitchen, the colourful decor gives way to even more colourful food. In typical South American style Chicha has a buzzy atmosphere, with servers flying out with dishes, great music, and tasty food. We’re huge fans of the seafood and ceviche bar where you can pick out dishes like sea bass ceviche with chilli, lemon, and buttered tiger’s milk, or peanut crusted soft shell crab. Don’t worry if you’re with picky eaters though, there’s also a whole area for veggies, and a meatfest section.


Lunya’s owners Peter and Elaine Kinsella are huge fans of Catalunyan and Spanish cuisine, and it really shows in their restaurants. If their infectious enthusiasm doesn’t convince you this is one of the top fun restaurants in Liverpool, the food and atmosphere will. They import as much food as they can from Spain, and work closely with Spanish suppliers to come up with classic dishes like Catalan hotpot, calamari, and padron peppers. If you’re not ready for the night to end after your meal, pop into their deli for some wines and cheeses and carry it on in style.

Camp and Furnace

A truly unique space in Liverpool, Camp and Furnace is all things to all people, without being a bit rubbish or trying too hard. They say they’re a restaurant, bar, fanpark, conference venue, and cultural hangout (phew) and we’d also add in cocktail bar, and gig space to be honest. They’re not open for food all the time, (except on Sundays when there’s a roast on) but when they are, it’s always as part of a super cool event, like Nightgarden, “a Friday night experience bringing together a fantastic team of collaborators combining food, drink, art and performance, where nature meets technology head on.” Fun huh? Get bookin’ folks.


If you’re looking for fun restaurants in Liverpool, it really doesn’t get better than Sapporo. This popular teppanyaki spot serves up amazing Japanese food, where you can eat and see a show at the same time, as the chefs juggle, display their knife skills, and expertly throw food around. It’s great if you’re heading out with a big group, as you can all sit back, taste amazing food, and check out the chefs doing their thing. Choose from dishes like sushi, noodles, and rolls, and have the time of your life.


If you don’t think that pies are fun, you’ve never watched Noel Edmond’s House Party. Thankfully, at Pieminister, the pies aren’t being thrown around, rather they’re served expertly, with some incredible fillings. Try not to giggle at the menu which features pies called things like “Heidi” - a goats cheese, spinach, and red onion combination, or the “Matador” with steak, chorizo, and olives. (See we told you this was a fun Liverpool restaurant.) Our favourite part of this restaurant is the desserts portion though. Where else can you eat bacon and maple syrup ice cream, with a pork scratching? (It’s called the “pork pie” in case you were wondering.)
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