Family friendly restaurants in Glasgow

Claire Murray | Date posted - 11 Jan 2019
We’ve all been in the position of wanting to go somewhere nice for a meal, but balancing the fact that the kids are coming. You don’t want to end up in a rubbish chain that does good colouring, but go too fancy and you run the risk of eye rolls from grown ups enjoying dinner. Thankfully we’ve scoured the streets of Glasgow (and dragged the kids around at all hours) to find the best family friendly restaurants in Glasgow.


Kids love pasta and pizza, we all know that, so it seems obvious to take them to an Italian restaurant. However, if you want to broaden their Italian horizons, Eusebi is where to go. With a great menu for the adults, plenty of choice for the wee ones, great coffee, and friendly staff, we’re huge fans of heading here for a delicious brunch.

The Butterfly and the Pig

When someone looks like it’s decorated with cast-offs from your granny’s living room, it’s a lot easier to relax and not panic about your little monsters breaking anything. So we’ve brought you to The Butterfly and The Pig which does exactly that. This relaxed pub/restaurant serves up real comfort food in cosy surroundings. There’s sport on the TV, a great menu, and a wide selection of drinks and it’s one of our favourite family friendly restaurants in Glasgow.


If you don’t want your family dinner out to mean plugging the kids into an iPad to get some peace, we’d suggest heading to Sapporo. At this tepanyaki restaurant, the chefs are known to cook the food with flare and they really put on a show. Fill the kids up with sushi and ramen while they sit in awe of food being thrown, huge flames, and a great night of entertainment.


Anywhere that gives out sombreros has got to be on the list of family friendly restaurants in Glasgow, right? This tasty Mexican is right in the centre of town and has everything you need for a fun meal. From upbeat music and colourful surroundings to a great array of food from spicy to mild, you’re bound to have the MOST fun at Topolabamba.

The Bungo

A classic Sunday hang out, this is where we go when we’re bringing a big group for brunch. Their breakfast dishes are legendary and there’s a varied menu that will suit even the fussiest of tummies. The big kids will be delighted at their great cocktail, their big booths will house the whole crew, and even the dog can come along and enjoy the fun.

Di Maggio's City Centre

If you’re heading out with a bunch of people who all like different things, you can’t possibly go wrong with classic  Italian. The Di Maggios group have been serving up lashings of pasta to the people of Glasgow and its surrounding areas for many years and they really do have it down to a T. As one of their key focuses is being family friendly, you’re in good hands here with a dedicated kids menu, colouring books, and a great selection of ice cream.

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