Family Friendly Restaurants in Christchurch

Claire Murray | Date posted - 07 Nov 2018


Ah Italian food. An absolute staple for family dining. Whether you go for pizza, pasta, risotto, or carne, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Formaggio’s Ristorante and Pizzeria is one of those family friendly restaurants in Christchurch that will please everyone. The kids menu is full of scaled down versions of adult favourites like gnocchi, spaghetti bolognaise, and pizza, while the adults menu has enough choice for everyone else. Round off the little ones’ days with an ice cream sundae topped with sauce and sprinkles and have the whole gang leave with a smile on their faces.


One of our favourite family restaurants in Christchurch, Clink Restaurant and Bar is an upmarket spot, serving tasty homemade dishes. At first glance, the menu doesn’t look all that child friendly, with delicious yet fancy dishes like Canterbury lamb with roasted vegetables and fondant potatoes, or Hereford beef fillet dominating the main menu. However, they also have a small plates menu with crispy chicken, and parmesan flatbread, that are all the perfect size for little tummies, not to mention a great selection of pizzas. With its great outdoor area and friendly staff, it’s a lovely spot for a family meal.

Dux Dine

Situated in a vintage villa, Dux Dine is one of the most picturesque restaurants in Christchurch. Surrounded by trees and twinkly lights, it would be easy enough to persuade the kids that they’re heading into a fairytale. Their children’s menu is great with choices like mac and cheese, salmon, and pizza, all designed to keep them happy while the adults enjoy the full menu, filled with tasty treats like pea and halloumi fritters, tofu red curry, and fish of the day. This one's one of our favourite family friendly restaurants in Christchurch, so reserve your spot and experience it for yourself! You'll thank us later.

Costas Taverna

Quite literally a family friendly restaurant in Christchurch, this eatery is run by a family, cooking family recipes, and actively encourages bringing everyone from the baby to great grandad to their venue. Their kids menu is extensive with Greek dishes like chargrilled chicken salata, and beef souvlaki, toned down for little palates. For the adults, we’re huge fans of their souvlaki platters, with dishes like the golden falafel veggie delight, and barbecued Greek beef patties.

Buddha Stix Riccarton

This is one child friendly restaurant in Christchurch that will really make your little people go “wow.” With buddha statues dotted around, colourful decor, and opulent colours, it’s an eye popping place to head for a family meal. Their food is mostly cooked mild to medium, meaning that it’s not too hot for most kids. Some of our favourite dishes are the Pad Thai, and the honey and lemon chicken, both of which pack a punch and are accessible by the whole family.
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