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Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 07 Aug 2019
Some of us never quite grew out of thinking dessert was the best part of any meal. We all joke about having a dessert stomach, we all pretend we are “just looking” at the dessert menu in a restaurant and we should all just be more honest with ourselves. For those who as kids dreamed about being a grown up and having pudding before their main or ice cream for dinner every day, we have collated a list of some of our favourite sweet treats in Bristol.

Woky Ko : Kauto

Woko Ko is spreading across the city of Bristol like syrup on pancakes and with them is their incredible ice cream bao. This Asian take on the classic ice cream sandwich is a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth but retain their adult pallette. A light, steamed bao bun is stuffed full of fresh tasting coconut ice cream and then liberally drizzled with thick salted caramel. This is one to eat with a fork and spoon.

Flour & Ash - Homemade ice cream and sorbet

Whilst Flour & Ash are throwing some of the most excitingly topped pizzas in Bristol, one cannot ignore their dedication to their homemade ice creams and sorbets. Proudly displayed on the wall, Flour & Ash take their gastronomic genius to the frozen treats with such flavours as nutmeg and bayleaf, banana and salted caramel and hazelnut. Mix and match for the perfect cool combo and end to a great meal, we recommend a scoop of coconut and a scoop of dark chocolate for ultimate Bounty style dessert.

Harbour and Browns - Fill your own doughnuts

With it’s winning combo of harbour views, bottomless brunches and all you can eat Wednesdays you would be forgiven to believe that Harbour and Browns couldn’t possibly get any better. You would also be very wrong as one of their permanent dessert options isn’t only delicious but fun to play with! Their fresh, sugar coated hot mini doughnuts are presented patrons with two syringes, one filled with salted caramel, and the other, with chocolate. You don’t need a degree in food science to know what comes next, a glorious meeting of sauce and doughnuts to either be gobbled in one or nibbled whilst liberally adding more sauce.

The Milk Thistle

Some of us just don’t get on with pudding, and that is ok. For those that just couldn’t possibly fit anything else in, a cocktail is usually the perfect substitute. You might rely on an old favourite, perhaps an Old Fashioned or Espresso Martini but if you’re going to try something really special you would do well to head to the Milk Thistle to try their cocktails. They combine exciting and often local ingredients with the passion and expertise of any pastry chef. Our favourite on the menu right now is their 5-7-5 made with plum sake, gin, matcha and egg white.

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