Date night in Manchester

By Gin Fuelled Bluestocking

Charlie Hooson Sykes | Date posted - 28 Nov 2018
Whether it’s your first date, or like me, you’ve been married for over a decade, a date night is still important. We make the time to go offline as much as possible, be together and enjoy ourselves away from work hassles, family and the day to day. It’s sometimes easier said than done, but even a couple of hours walking through the park and feeding the ducks, or wandering around a museum, gives you chance to reconnect as people and as a couple, rather than it just being kisses goodbye, or snuggles as you doze off after a hard day. And as most of our dates involve food and drink, these are five of our places for date night in Manchester.

20 Stories

What better way to woo your love than to show them the world? Or at least Manchester. Cosy up on the top floor and gaze at the world (don’t worry, they do have blankets and heaters, it is Manchester after all), or simply head straight to dinner in elegant surroundings. I’d at least have a drink and gaze at the view first though, it’s one of the best places to look out at the city.

Don Giovanni

There’s a reason that this restaurant has not only stood the test of time (it first opened in 1984) but has also won the title ‘Most Romantic Italian Restaurant’ more than once. Dress up a little, maybe start things off at the bar with a cocktail, or glass of Prosecco, then head in to dinner. Plenty of opportunity to snuggle together, or look into each other’s eyes as you enjoy some of the best Italian food in the city. What better place for date night in Manchester?

El Gato

Now I admit, there are two tapas restaurants in this list. Why? Because sharing is caring. And I’m a bit of an El Gato fan. Try oysters paired with Cava to start, before you dive into the delicious treats on the menu. It’s a great opportunity for you to both gauge likes and dislikes and see they really are the sharing caring type, or if there’s a line that you cannot cross. If you can, head upstairs to the top floor, where the roof opens and you can gaze at the stars together with a cocktail before home.

Evuna Deansgate

My second tapas venue of the list. Evuna is a blend of fine Spanish wine and tapas restaurant. The service in here is second to none, so whether you’re a bit of a wine buff and want to show off, or if you’d rather just admit you haven’t got a clue, you can happily put yourself in the hands of the staff, and they’ll find just the thing for both of you.

The French

If you’re going all out, go all out. I’ve not had a dish I didn’t love at the French, nor a wine pairing I didn’t enjoy. One of those places where you put yourselves totally in their hands. And if your pockets aren’t so deep, check out their early evening and lunch options for a Manchester date night. They’re not on all year round, but are the perfect way to grab a bargain that certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

Tre Ciccio Altrincham

Heading outside the city, and for good reason. Tre Ciccio’s chef has been named National Pizza Chef of the Year, meaning you can share a slice or two and know you’re treating your love to the best without breaking your budget (the prices are super reasonable). Or maybe stick to the pasta options and recreate the love scene in Lady and the Tramp over a bowl of spaghetti. If nudging a meatball with your nose isn’t not love, I don’t know what is.

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