Date night in Edinburgh: the best 9

Claire Murray | Date posted - 04 Dec 2018
Edinburgh band The Proclaimers may be willing to walk 500 miles to fall down at your door, but we believe you shouldn’t need to go far for a great night. Despite us Scots’ reputation as being dour gits, we’re actually quite a romantic bunch, so we’ve rounded up the best places to head to for date night in Edinburgh. Whether you’re on date no.1 or 1000, there’s something for everyone.
Trying to impress The restaurants to take them to when your good impression game needs to be strong.

The Kitchin

This is it. Whether you’ve finally gotten a date with the person you fancy, or it’s a special occasion with your long term love, taking them to The Kitchin is bound to give your date the wow factor. Michelin-starred, and swanky without being pretentious, this is the place to tuck into locally-sourced food, prepared in the most delicious way.


Sonder means “the realisation that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex  as your own” and the name is part of the reason we love the place. Focusing on Scottish ingredients, their menu is full of medium sized plates, perfect for sharing (and exchanging lingering glances over, obviously.) While everything on the menu is tasty, we absolutely rave over their seafood; the scallop with roe, fennel, and cucumber is worth the visit alone. Check out our full Sonder review here.

New Chapter

Family owned and family run, New Chapter is a cosy restaurant that will make you feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Firmly ensconced in “very cosy” territory, it’s a great place to take a date with its secluded corners, friendly staff, and beautiful food. We visited a while ago and had their tasty gnocchi so we can safely say they cater for veggies and meat eaters, perfect when you’re not sure what the heck they eat. We visited a wee while ago: see what we thought. 
Cool and casual  Maybe you've been together for a while? Perhaps you're just playing it cool? Whatever the reason, here's our picks of the cool and casual places for date night in Edinburgh.


As famous for their frozen margaritas as their tasty tasty food, this is a great place to bring a date when you’re “not sure what this is” yet. It’s cool enough to feel special, but laid back enough to not seen too try hard. Fill yourself up with great Mexican tapas and chair dance along to their great tunes as you get to know your date. Just don’t overdo it on the cocktails and start havering!


The home of the burger, this Glaswegian import serves up a variety of dishes, all washed down with their famous White Russians. There are 30 versions on offer including “The Gutterball” - a White Russian with Buckfast, and “The Nihilist” - served with absinthe, it’s definitely a talking point. If you need to line your stomach, try their classic Big Lebowski, a “gigantasized” version of their mince rump steak burger.
When you're starving... The best places to head when you both just want a great feed, in a cool spot, with your favourite companion.


Nothing says “I love you” more than an overload of meat, so bring your date to Fazenda and let them know how much you really care. Fazenda has quite a unique offering for date night in Edinburgh: turn the card on your table from green to red, depending on whether you want the servers to bring you more food. With different barbecued and smoked meats, and a salad bar filled with treats, you’ll definitely find the way to their heart through their stomach here.

Tuk Tuk

Going to an Indian restaurant might be a bit more night out with the gang than date night traditionally, but not if you’re taking them to Tuk Tuk. This super cool Indian street food restaurant is bound to impress with its brightly coloured murals and intriguing food menu. We recommend trying out their lassis; an Indian take on a smoothie, and moving onto some roadside plates and a selection of street curries to really get a flavour of the place. Our reviewer loved her last visit there. 
To round things off  The late night bars and cool places that are perfect for finishing up a great night...

Good Brothers

A natural wine bar and bottle shop, Good Brothers is a great place to take someone who really knows about wine. If you’re looking for somewhere to end your date night in Edinburgh, Good Brothers is always a great shout, being open til 1am. It’s not just wine thought, they also serve up great beers on draft and have a wide selection of spirits. One for the road?


The perfect place to head before going home and falling down at your own door, this German bierhalle-style bar has a little bit of everything going on to keep you and your date happy. The perfect spot for after dinner drinks (it’s right by the train station so you can make a swift exit if the beer catches up with you) they usually have some form of entertainment going on, great if conversation has dried up. Don’t forget to try one of their many many German beers.
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