Cosy restaurants in Manchester

Charlie Hooson Sykes | Date posted - 11 Dec 2018
When I think about cosy venues, there are two things that spring to mind. Those venues that have squishy seating, maybe a big warming fire, and comfort food, but it’s also about the feeling you get when visiting a venue. Some, by their sheer welcome, their familial feel, give you that same feeling of warmth. Even though you might be sitting on a wooden chair in the middle of a dining space, you still feel like you’re the only people dining in the venue. So, whilst some of these venues might not be what you automatically think of as cosy, give them a try, you might be surprised.

Dogs & Dough

Pizza, Hot Dogs, American
Think comfy booths, think being surrounded by the films and icons of your childhood in the 80s (I’m showing my age), and one or two grown up ones you can appreciate now, and all the carbohydrates you could need. Their mac and cheese topped pizza is like being wrapped up in a blanket of carbs, whilst the Nutella and sweetshop topped pizza is all you ever need after a bad day at the office/breakup/just because who doesn’t need Nutella topped pizza.   

Dmitri’s Tapas Meze Bar Taverna

Even if you don’t manage to get one of the coveted corner spots in Dmitri’s it doesn’t matter. I’ve been going for years, and whether it’s for a quick bite with the other half before an event, or spending most of the evening here with friends, there’s something about it that keeps us coming back. Of course, on a Friday and Saturday night it’s possibly less cosy, and more party time, but weeknights, early evenings, and during the day, it’s one of those spots that you can spend hours and barely notice where the hours have gone.

Fika Bar and Restaurant

Fika is one of my little hidey holes. I love somewhere that I can hide away and get some work done, or just ignore my phone for a little me time. Big booth seating, great service, and being able to watch the world go by with a glass of wine, and some nibbles from the bar menu – what’s not to love?


Wood panelling, soft lighting, warm welcome, and indulgence on the menu. Let yourself sink into the dark teal banked seating, sip a glass of wine and enjoy all the comfort food you can imagine. This is a venue to linger awhile, and take a little time to savour. And now I have a craving for their macaroni cheese and a glass of red. Anyone else?


Whilst I love perching in the window of Lunya with a glass of wine, and watching the world go by, the best spots are upstairs, where you can snuggle in, watch the rain spatter down the windows and indulge yourself in some absolutely delicious tapas. Who needs sunshine outside, when you’ve got it on your plate and in your glass? And with a deli downstairs too (check out the gin selection for some you won’t find anywhere else in the city) you can take some of that warm sunshine home with you for later too.

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Charlie Hooson Sykes is a wearer of many hats. An Executive Assistant at the National Graphene Institute, a Harassment Support Advisor at the University of Manchester, a plus size lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, and somehow still manages to compete in powerlifting and run the odd distance race. An avid food and drink lover – and walking gin encyclopaedia (seriously, try me) - she also runs booze tasting events, and consults with gin brands and bars. If not doing any of these things can be found in her pyjamas under a blanket (and probably under a cat too).
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