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Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 21 Jan 2019
When dining out, we love the sort of place that remind us a little bit of home. The sort of restaurants that have nooks and crannies to retreat into, stuff on the walls, comfy seating and a relaxed atmosphere. All of these factors, in our opinion, enhance an intimate dining experience. Here’s our top list of places to cozy up and eat in.


Cozy doesn’t always mean small, but when it comes to Zanky’s, it does! The food offering consists of handmade Sardinian and Italian food, the perfect fayre for a cozy evening out. The restaurant is intimate but not cramped with plenty of celebration of their family history and Sardinian heritage. You will find all the options you would expect in this quaint neighbourhood restaurant, plenty of pastas, pizzas and seafood, we especially can’t get enough of their wild boar and red wine ragu, topped with plenty of ricotta. The portions are homely but not overwhelming leaving you satisfied but not too full for one of their traditional puddings, what a treat for a chilly evening.

Under The Stars

Approach Under The Stars at night and you will be instantly enchanted, the tall masts highlighted against the dark with a string of twinkling lights. Once on board, you will fall in love with the cozy dining room. The lighting is low, the decor makes great use of the historic and rich browns and golds of the boats original fixtures. Also, the corners of the room are deep, affording you a sense of privacy despite a busy and lively atmosphere. With tapas and sharing plates on the menu as well as a rosta of incredibly good wine, you and your partner in dine will be feeling very warm and relaxed indeed.


Whilst at first thought, Stokes Croft isn’t synonymous with coziness, it very much depends on where you choose to spend your time. In our opinion, there isn’t anything much more cozy than a big, warm pie on a bed of mash and gravy served with a decent pint of beer and Pieminister ticks all of those boxes. With traditional wood tables, walls and chairs meeting the gentle murmur of happy customers and contented sighs, you would be excused for coming in every single day until you’ve tried all the pies on offer. Our favourites include the Free Ranger (chicken and ham), The Heidi (goats cheese and sweet potato) and their take on Sunday lunch, pies and yorkie puddings. Bliss.

Brace and Browns

Tucked up from the busy Whiteladies Road, Brace and Browns embrace the cozy feels with the perfect utilisation of fairy lights, warm decor and fun prints on the walls. Whilst these guys launched the bottomless brunch in Bristol, they haven’t given up on the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere they perfected during other service hours. You can accidentally spend hours here, enjoying the tapas, trying the cocktails and enjoying the music and the feeling of snugness washing over you. For a truly cozy experience, come in for one of their highly regarded roasts and a few glasses of red on a cold day, you won’t want to go home!

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