Cool restaurants in Mayfair

Only the hottest spots

Wael Makki | Date posted - 07 Nov 2018
What’s new? What’s hot? What’s going to be the next hit in London city? In a city packed with restaurants, it’s not always easy to keep tracking the hot spots. Mayfair is home to luxury hotels and fancy shops, as well as some of the coolest eateries in town. So here it is, a guide of our top 5 of cool restaurants in Mayfair.

Chisou Sushi

Looking for an authentic Japanese experience? This one’s the real deal. This iconic eatery was one of London’s very first Japanese restaurants, and it has welcomed lots of public figures over the years. Isolated from the madness and bustle of Oxford Street, this zen-like haven serves authentic recipes and believe in true Japanese hospitality. So head along, take out your chopsticks, and try “Japanese food the way the Japanese like to eat it”. Goyukkuri dozo!

Aline of Lebanon

Nothing’s cooler than Lebanon. The country is beautiful, the people are charming, and the food… Well, the food is pretty amazing. So it comes as no surprise that we’ve put Aline of Lebanon in our list of the cool restaurants in Mayfair (and we swear, it has nothing to do with the fact that the author of this article is Lebanese). This authentic gem serves all the famous classic dishes of Lebanon and its region, from hummus and shawarma to tabbouleh, kebab, and many other colourful elements of traditional mezze. It would be rude not to accompany your plate with one of their wines, beers, or arak which come straight from the sunny land of the Bekaa valley. More than a restaurant, Aline of Lebanon provides an overall experience of the legendary energy of Beirut. Book now, thank us later.

Bar Remo

Bar Remo has been one of London’s iconic institute for over 90 years now and if you think this place’s getting old, you get it all wrong. It is still top of our list of cool restaurants in Mayfair. This family-run restaurant serves original and delicate Italian food, as well as amazing cocktails and mouthwatering desserts. Make sure to try their spaghetti bolognese, with all due respect to Italian grandmothers, this place might just serve the best bolognese in town. If good food and fine wines in a cool atmosphere is your vice, then don’t wait any longer and book your spot.


Looking for something a bit more fun than your usual Asian restaurant? For almost 40 years, Ideka has been offering exquisite Japanese cuisine and an impressive live cooking show in an exclusive fine dining setting. From sashimi and sushi to soup, salad, noodles, and much more, you’ll find yummy options to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Sit back and relax, while stuffing your mouth with the very best of Japan’s cuisine.

Belowzero Ice Bar

You’ve probably heard of the ice bar concept, now is the time to experience it. Belowzero is UK’s only permanent ice bar, keeping things a fun and frosty -5 degrees, and definitely one of our top picks for a cool restaurant in Mayfair. Put your jacket and gloves on, and enjoy one of their signature cocktails served by one of their master mixologists. We recommend the lavender margarita, a true delight. Then head to their relaxed restaurant setting of warm reclaimed wood while enjoying a great meal. Belowzero is a truly refreshing experience, and if you’re sceptical to try it, remember “the cold never bothered you anyway” (*turns head and bounce*).
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