Cool restaurants in Leeds

Claire Murray | Date posted - 19 Nov 2018

Ever feel like things are a bit stale? Like you eat the same food, watching the same shows, night after night? If your answer is yes, you definitely need to liven things up! From tasty Thais, to quirky cafes, we’ve put together our favourite cool restaurants in Leeds that will spice your evening right up.


What could possibly be cooler than art and food, mixed together in a great spot? Arts at 42 Call Lane is a restaurant that doubles as a gallery, serving up a constant flow of up-and-coming local artists on their walls. You’ll get to view abstract and fine art, while eating a seasonal menu, showcasing the best of Britain’s larder. Even better, they usually have a selection of craft beers on draft to wash it all down.

Indian Tiffin Room

Imported in from the bright lights of er, Manchester, Indian Tiffin Room is right up there on our list of cool restaurants in Leeds. Taking Indian street food to a whole new level, they’re famous for their tiffin, lunch a served in metal, stackable pots. (Basically tiffin means a brunch or lunch meal.) Choose from idly (lentil steamed dumplings), lentil pancakes, various filled crepes, or puff bread. If you want something a bit bigger, they have the usual larger curries served with rice and breads too. It’s a colourful environment, with even more colourful food and a great place to spend a day or evening.

Ambiente Tapas

Everyone gushes over the delicious tapas served up at Ambiente but there’s less mentions of how gorgeous this place is. With stripped back walls, fairy lights, and yet a distinctly Spanish vibe, it’s the kind of place that feels fancy and yet relaxed at the same time. Their menu does deserve a mention too though. With wheels of pintxos (little tapas) for veggies and carnivores, classics like paella, and a selection of meats from their Josper grill, you’ll be planning your next Spanish holiday as soon as you leave here.

Cat’s Pyjamas Headingley

You can’t mention cool restaurants in Leeds without adding in the place with the coolest name of them all. The Cat’s Pyjamas is named to reflect Indian influences on the English language, with nods to the Bengal tiger. And the space itself is pretty damn trendy too. Featuring bright colours, twinkling lights, and minimalist seating, it’s a relaxing place to grab a bite. Try out dishes like saag paneer, or whole tandoori seabream, and try out one of their selection of Asian beers.

Sukhothai City Centre

From streetfood to opulent bling, Leeds has it all. And Sukhothai proves this. Featuring gold decorations, plush seats, and varied menu, it’s a great place for a night out. They have dishes unique to their restaurants like the gang Sukhothai; fried chicken and vegetables in their own hot and sour sauce, or classics that we all recognise like pad thai. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is fun, and we recommend you get booked in asap.
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