Christmas party venues in Bristol

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Wael Makki | Date posted - 25 Oct 2018
Oh the Christmas season. Our favorite time of the year. The trees, the decoration, the cheesy movies, our grandma’s big envelope full of cash to help us survive til the end of the month. Great times. You could decorate a dishwasher with fairylights and it would still look magical at Christmas. But above all, it’s the perfect occasion to reunite with your close ones in a nice restaurant. So dear Bristolians, you’ve been good this year and ResDiary has a little gift for you. We’ve listed the best Christmas party venues in Bristol, and you better book yours now cause those places are selling freaking fast!

The Clifton Sausage

“At the Clifton Sausage, our aim is to show that when British food is done well, it can compete with the best food in the world for taste and satisfaction.“ Whether you live abroad and are coming back for the Christmas holidays, or you just feel like having some good traditional British food, The Clifton Sausage is THE place for you. Try their “a very British Christmas” menu and enjoy some traditional turkeys, tasty sausages, or some good puddings. These guys have everything we British peeps need.

Cosy Club Bristol

British, Tapas, Cocktails
All I want for Christmas is… to stuff my face is some delicious rich-in-calories desserts (isn’t this how the song goes?). Well God bless Cosy Club for their Christmas magnificent menu and especially their desserts like limoncello cheesecake (you had me at limoncello), chocolate trifle, chocolate and orange tarte, or their English cheese selection. “Buy six bottles of wine and get one for free”: that’s some good deal! So you better bring your whole family (or just two of your booziest friends) and enjoy a fabulous and festive night out. This one's definitely one of the best Christmas party venues in Bristol and we love it!

The Kensington Arms

Located in the heart of Redland, this award-winning pub offers locally sourced dishes and, oh boy, their Christmas menu is good. From chestnut wellington and braised beef to stone bass and crab, there’s basically something for everyone. This menu is available during the whole month of December, but don’t forget to pre-order it during your booking or you might not be able to enjoy it. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss that one out.

Steak of the Art

You know how sometimes you just feel like devouring some good grilled steak? Like, you could be eating anything else and you would still be dreaming of this succulent roasted steak? Well, you shouldn’t deprive yourself. Steak is good. Steak is king. Steak is the new turkey. Whether you like it juicy, rare, or “well-done” (we don’t judge), This Christmas party venue in Bristol has a special festive menu that will awaken your taste buds. Have a look at it, it’s available from the 26th of November and it also includes some great starters and spectacular desserts.


Tired of traditional Christmas food? Big curry fan? Say no more. Thali redefines Christmas food with its whole new Indian Xmas menu. It includes their delicious specialities such as Keralan seafood curry, Nandan chicken curry, Lamb Nihari, and more. For those who dare to dislike curry, don’t panic, these guys have lots of other tasty stuff to offer. Small tip: leave some room for their dark chocolate cheesecake and you might actually see Jesus.

Mezze at the Green Dragon

“A mezze (/ˈmɛzeɪ/, also spelled mazzeh, is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks” (sounds to us like the perfect place to share savoury food and get merry with your friends). With more than 50 different mezzes, this Mediterranean pub is the perfect spot to reunite with your loved ones. Located inside a beautifully restored 17th century venue in the heart of Bristol, this quirky restaurant also proposes an appetizing Christmas menu with a three course meal for only £26 per head. I don’t know about you, but I’m in!


Yeah Christmas food is so much fun. You know what’s less fun? When from one day to another you realise you’ve gained a thousand pounds and you need to start this Christmas detox (don’t even mention it). ResDiary really cares about their readers so we came up with a solution for you to avoid the Bridget Jones’s depression. At Aqua, you can celebrate Christmas while gobbling some wholesome, organic, and locally-sourced produce. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, this Christmas party venue in Bristol has an amazing Italian wine selection and it would be too sad not to try them.

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