Christmas nights out in Liverpool

Claire Murray | Date posted - 14 Nov 2018
Ah Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Not if you’re the person who has to organise the “night out” though. Between coordinating calendars, dealing with mad Stacey’s 10 new food intolerances, and pleasing the tee-totallers, it’s a complete minefield. Fear not though, we’ve put together a great list of the best places for Christmas nights out in Liverpool. Read on for inspiration.

Kick things off

Ghetto Golf If you’re looking for something to break the ice, we suggest heading to Ghetto Golf. It’s a cocktail bar with a crazy golf course built in, giving you the perfect opportunity to have a laugh with your fellow revellers. Set in an old brewery, there’s cool graffiti, DJs, and even tasty grub on offer from “BBQ masters” Apocalypse Cow on offer.  It really is one of the coolest places to head for your Christmas night out in Liverpool.

Classy cocktails

Panoramic34 If you’re out with a classy bunch, you might want to check out Panoramic 34. It’s Liverpool’s highest fine dining restaurant, situated on the 34th floor of the West Tower. You can either head here for a tasty meal or go for drinks at their cocktail bar. Serving up martinis, margaritas, and their own twist on classic cocktails, you’ll be on top of the world here.

Feeding time

Viva Brazil Are there a couple in the group who you really think need to line their stomach? Viva Brazil is the answer. This place serves up unlimited meat, meaning it’s a great place to head before a heavy one. Simply fill up at the salad bar, then back at your table turn your coloured place card to green to indicate that you want more food. The waiters will then come round with a variety of freshly cooked skewers, letting you pick what you want.

Dinner and a show

Sapporo Teppanyaki No Christmas night out in Liverpool would be complete without a bit of a show. However, this one is a bit more upmarket than your usual couple’s argument in the city centre. Sapporo is a teppanyaki restaurant, serving up delicious sushi and noodles, with a distinct side of chef’s flair. Sit at the counter tables and watch the chefs toss the food, produce huge flames, and interact with the crowd, all while you tuck in.

For a varied group

Red Dog Saloon Whether you’re out with 5 or 15 people, Red Dog Saloon is perfect for all group sizes. They have a variety of rooms and tables that will accommodate all types (even you lot). With slow cooked, hickory smoked meats, plenty of liquor, and a Southern atmosphere, you can be sure of a really fun Christmas night out in Liverpool here.

To round things off

Crazy Pedros Open til 4am, Crazy Pedros is where all the cool kids go to round off their night. Serving up pizza and Mezcal til the wee hours, head here after the outliers have dropped off to gossip about the night with your actual pals. (Don’t lie, we all do it.) They serve up mad dishes like sausage, chips, mushy peas, and curry sauce all on a pizza, so even if the night was a bit uneventful, the food will give you something to talk about.
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