Child friendly restaurants in Bristol

Claire Murray | Date posted - 02 Nov 2018
Kids are great. We all love kids. But there’s nothing worse than having to go to rubbish restaurants because you’ve got the little ones along, or going somewhere that’s clearly not happy you’ve got your sprogs in tow. So to save all the frustration, we’ve put together a list of child friendly restaurants in Bristol that will keep the whole fam happy.

Thali Cafe Clifton

Now this one only really works if you don’t have the kid of kids that baulk at anything that’s not chicken nuggets. If they’re the eat anything type, or you’re looking to broaden their food horizons, then Thali Cafe is perfect. The venue is bright and fun, and the cool decor will keep the kids entertained for ages. Their dedicated kids menu is perfect for little palates, with toned-down versions of adults dishes, and you even get a free ice cream with every kids meal.

The Clifton Sausage

Perhaps we’re showing our age here, but a favourite childhood dish of the ResDiary team is a good plate of sausages! Which is why we’re taking you to The Clifton Sausage next. With a range of tasty, homemade meals available, it’s one of our favourite child friendly restaurants in Bristol. Choose from old spot sausages, veggie sausages, fish fingers and more, and get a scoop of vanilla ice cream too. There’s a great selection of classic British dishes too, making it a great place for the whole family.

The Ox Clifton

If you’re looking to go somewhere a bit more classy with your little ones, we recommend going to The Ox in Clifton. Famous for their delicious meats, cooked on a Josper grill, adults can tuck into dishes like a 300oz T-Bone sharing steak, or a half rack of hickory smoked ribs. Meanwhile, the children get their own menu with a whole roast ribeye just for themselves on Sundays. There’s also more traditional mac and cheese, and burgers if they’re not huge on steaks.


Everyone loves a pie, even little kids, so we’re bringing you to the absolute king of the shortcrusts, Pieminister. They serve up all types of filled delights, with vegan pies, meat pies, and everything in between. For the little guys there’s mac n cheese, fish pie, cottage pie, or sausage and mash, and a soft serve ice cream to round things off. However, they might not be happy with that when they see the adults’ soft scoop sundaes featuring an apple pie concoction, mud pie, and much more.


No matter who you are, everyone likes a freebie. Which is why Bambalan is perfect if you’re looking for child friendly restaurants in Bristol as kids eat free Monday-Friday. They can choose from pizza, burgers, meatballs, and fish fingers, and round it all off with an ice-cream. Adults get an even better choice of burgers, “babs”, and mezze dishes, all served up in fun, relaxed surroundings.

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