Burgers in Bristol

Charlie Vivante | Date posted - 07 Aug 2019

Burger Theory

Like most Bristol success stories, Burger Theory started off as a truck and pop up, touring their burger expertise around the pubs of Bristol until finally opening their own bricks and mortar place in the city centre. Never shying away from trying something new, these guys have spent years perfecting their craft, making some of the best vegan and veggie burger Bristol has to offer. Now with the freedom of their own restaurant the invention has stopped with their Korean inspired KFC burger and Kimcheese burger being popular with Bristol burger munchers. Catch them also in Cardiff if you’re ever over the boarder.

The Ox Clifton

Perhaps better known for steak, the burgers at The Ox are not to be ignored. You would expect the people to know their way around a steak to make a cracking burger and they really do. Juicy beef from the prime cuts already in the restaurants are cooked expertly on the charcoal griddle then served simply with cheese and fries. The extra toppings are limited but you won’t need to or want to cover the taste of such incredible ingredients. We urge you to try one next time you’re in!

Three Brothers Burgers

Eating burgers on a boat in Bristol is something you have to do to truly call the city your home. Moored right by the harbour, Three Brothers are grilling patties with an American edge and offering plenty of toppings to choose from. Vegans and veggies are allowed to get just as down and dirty with the rest of us with plenty of plant based options to choose from, a thumbs up from us! If you’re feeling the pinch before payday, Three Brothers is also the place to head to for a banging burger for less than a pint in some pubs! For a fiver you can have a plain burger and chips, which budget allowing, can be topped with anything you like for an extra fee. Let your mind run wild!


For those that like their burger proper, Asado are a match made in heaven for you. Site-minced beef from ex milking cattle is formed into thick, juicy patties and grilled on their wood fired BBQ for that authentic argentinian taste. Each burger is cooked pink to retain as much flavour and moisture as possible then popped into structurally sound buns that try their best to hold everything together. These are not burgers to be attempted without plenty of kitchen roll and wet wipes and cannot be eaten with anyone trying to retain some dignity. Open wide and go for it!

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