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Ashleigh Dougherty | Date posted - 13 Mar 2019
Brunch might be that weird in-between breakfast and lunch time of the day, but it usually goes down better than any other meal of the day. Got a spare hour before your next morning meeting? Looking to have a quick and informal business meeting before lunch time? Brunch it up! Shoreditch is known for its unique and quirky places to shop, eat and play. From adult only ball pits, all you drink cocktail bars and thrifting markets just down the road, it’s no wonder that many people are heading to Shoreditch for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. SO, here’s our top 5 spots for Brunch in sunny Shoreditch!

Lantana Café Shoreditch

Sitting near the friendly and slightly ever confusing Old Street Roundabout, is the lovely Latana Cafe, but not like any ordinary greasy spoon. With an urban feel meets casual and comfortable, this Australian highlight have many different brunch options - also offering plant based meals for the clean eaters out there. If you’re looking for the best place since sliced bread for smashed avocado and poached eggs, then this is the place. Do you fancy adding bacon, halloumi or salmon? Decisions!


Who would say no to a bottomless brunch? Head to Boondocks and choose their Bootsie Brunch Special, which entitles you to a choice of bottomless tea or coffee, a glass of OJ or a Bloody Mary, followed by a choice of any main and any two sides. Even better? The bottomless option is just £18 per person, which makes it extremely worth the dip in your pocket. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Choose from poached, fried or scrambled and pair the eggy goodness up with the likes of muffins, sausage and american cheese dishes. Or maybe you have a sweeter tooth and fancy a pancake with drizzled in maple syrup and whipped cream? The choice is yours!


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Fancy a turkish brunch with a twist? Head over to Oklava if you’re looking for a healthier in-between breakfast and lunch option. Your tastebuds may be tempted by the Black Sea Cheese Pide with Soft Egg, Caramelised Onion and salad. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little heavier to fill your appetite between brunch and dinner? The Seftali Kebab with Rred onion salad and lemon is one of Oklava’s most popular selling dishes! Lunch is 12-3pm and dinner 5.30-10pm.

St Leonards

A more classic and more popular for lunch and dinner, but equally as nice for brunch is St Leonards. If you’re looking for somewhere that is a little more British and traditional with their food choices, you may want to head over to St Leonards for quail eggs with forest salt. The smoked pigs head with tabasco sounds super scrumptious on some grilled stockholm bread. Or maybe you fancy something from the dinner menu, but for a more fulfilling brunch? The flamed mackerel and smoked eels are classic meals that are difficult to find elsewhere - let alone somewhere that do them completely perfectly.
The brunch options are endless, so you will need to make a number of trips into Shoreditch to really appreciate the many different brunch highlights in one of the best areas of London. Where will you go first?

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