Breakfast Glasgow southside

Good morning!

Claire Murray | Date posted - 11 Feb 2019
Nothing beats a good hearty breakfast. Whether you’re recovering from an ill-advised night in The Shed, or you’re looking for somewhere smart to meet your pals, there’s plenty of options for breakfast in Glasgow’s southside. So chuck on some clothes, grab the dug, and let’s get eating.

The Bungo

Probably the longest-standing brunch spot in the southside, The Bungo has been delighting locals with delicious grub for as long as anyone can remember. Served from 10.30am - 4pm daily, it features everything from a classic Scottish to a Lebanese breakfast with shakshuka, harissa, halloumi, and toasted pittas. They’re also famous for their cocktails so make sure you grab a bloody mary, a red snapper with gin, or their lethal bloody maria served with tequila too. There’s even a kimchi bloody mary if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

The Butterfly and the Pig

One of the the most versatile venues on our list, The Butterfly and the Pig has various guises as a chilled out pub, a great dinner spot, and a breakfast venue. It’s the perfect place to wander down to on a Sunday as they’re open early and always have a great selection of papers. We’re big fans of their dog friendly attitude, meaning Fido can hang under the table and mop up all those stray bits of bacon from your huge pile of pancakes.

Phillies of Shawlands

A relatively new kid on the Shawlands block, Phillies is a super cool bar cum eatery, run by the team behind ever-popular Redmond’s of Denniston. While not huge, their breakfast options are delicious and if you decide to hang around long enough, there’s usually a Sunday DJ there for the afternoon. We highly recommend their fried chicken and waffles, a plate of deep fried deliciousness that’s bound to wipe away any lingering hangover traces. If it’s breakfast in Glasgow southside you’re after, it doesn’t get better than this.

Church on the Hill

Having recently undergone a gorgeous renovation, The Church on the Hill has changed from a bog-standard pub to a super trendy hangout. In the summer, take advantage of their extensive beer garden overlooking Queen’s Park, or head inside to their stylish interior when the weather changes. There’s veggie and vegan options for the non-meat-eaters, and also quirky dishes like the “Southside Steak and Cheese” on their breakfast menu. Careful though, with their big TVs and great beer and wine lists, you may find yourself falling out late in the evening.


You might remember this place as Lebowskis but it’s recently been taken over by new owners and rebranded as Sammy’s, a stripped-back hangout with some great food options. We visited recently and were blown away by their treacle pancakes, a delicious twist on the classic, and one of our new favourite spots for breakfast in Glasgow southside. It’s another venue with plenty of sports screens, meaning you’ll often be there til much later than intended, catching up on the rugby or tennis. What else are the weekends for?
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