Birthday ideas in Edinburgh

Avoid the ordinariness!

Wael Makki | Date posted - 11 Oct 2018
How are you celebrating your birthday this year? Taking your friends to the neighborhood pub like last year? Booooring! We know it’s not always easy to find a nice place to celebrate your big day. When you’re a child, everything’s planned for weeks, but when you reach your twenties… Well... You just read these kinds of articles. But you did right, because we’ve got a little something for you! We’ve created a list of a few Birthday ideas in Edinburgh. No really, it’s nothing. Don’t even mention it.


Apparently people from across the globe see us, Scottish people, as party animals (don’t know where they got that from…). But we have to admit there’s one country that unquestionably beats for celebrations, and that’s Mexico (well it’s quite easy when you have the good weather and the beaches…) So what better way to celebrate a happy birthday than with authentic mexican dishes? Put on your Sombrero, order yourself a large Margarita, and scoff tostadas and quesadillas like nobody’s watching.


There’s nothing like celebrating your birthday with ice-cold strong European beers. Brewhemia is a fantastic venue serving fresh local food and premium craft beers. In fact, this place has more tanks and tank beers than any other UK bar with beverages coming straight from Germany and Czech Republic. Invite your best friends, your grandpa, or even your dog, ‘cos everyone is welcome in here . Their ethos is “for the love of adventure”, so head along and prepare yourself for a foamy trip across Europe!


If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and less “beery” in your hunt for birthday ideas in Edinburgh, have a look at this little gem. Located just off the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh’s city center, this luxurious but affordable seafood restaurant offers only the freshest local produce, accompanied by unrivalled views of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Book a table or seat at their horseshoe oyster bar and enjoy the best fish and seafood in the country.

Aizle Restaurant

“The best meals are the ones you don’t have to choose”. This unusual restaurant has no traditional menu, but one that changes daily. Chef Stuart and Mixologist Krystal use their imagination to cook only the freshest produce farms and suppliers have to offer, an original concept that they brought straight from London and New York. Everything is made in-house (literally everything) and these guys even grow their own herbs and vegetables. Head along with no expectations, your birthday is about to turn into a surprise party (which is great when your friends failed to organise you one).

The Honours

This chic and upmarket brasserie offers excellent traditional and modern “cuisine Française” (it always sounds fancier in French) in a stylish and smartly decorated venue. Launched in 2011 by multi-award winning chef, Martin Wishart, this elegant pub is all about well-executed food, great cocktails and carefully selected wines (sounds to me like the right combination for a happy birthday). This place is surely a great idea for a Birthday celebration in Edinburgh, so head along and have a “Joyeux Anniversaire”!

Castle Terrace Restaurant

Another upmarket gem, Castle Terrace introduces a new dining experience with modern British cuisine influenced by learned French cooking techniques. Famous Chef Dominic has had many years of training in some of Europe’s top Michelin star kitchens before coming to Edinburgh and create some of his magic here (we thank him for that). Book the private room and celebrate an elegant birthday surrounded only by your favourite people.
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