Best Queenstown restaurants for a gathering with friends

Claire Murray | Date posted - 03 Oct 2018
No matter how many times you tell yourself that you won’t leave it ’til the last minute, you always do. Now you need to find somewhere for your eclectic group of friends to have a get together and you need to do it fast. The group chat has been non-stop for weeks with excited memes and you’re getting a bit worried. No need to panic, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Queenstown restaurants for a gathering of friends.

Jervois Steak House

Describing their menu as a “veritable who’s who of meats” Jervois Steak House is not only one of the best places to eat if you’re a carnivore, it’s one of the best restaurants in Queenstown, full stop. Treat yourself to their delicious lunch or dinner menus, featuring crispy duck breast and salmon ceviche, or go a la carte and enjoy the prime cuts of meat on offer. This is bound to impress the gang.

Public Kitchen & Bar

We might not have the greatest weather in the world here but when it’s good, it’s really good. And those few gorgeous days are part of the reason that Public Kitchen & Bar is on this list. Situated right on the lake with an amazing terrace, it’s one of the best Queenstown restaurants to really catch some rays. The dishes are all designed with sharing in mind, meaning you’ll never be caught out with food envy, and the menu will suit everyone from meat-eaters to devout veggies. Top it all off with some cocktails and you’re in for a real treat.

Tao Restaurant and Bar

Anywhere that serves dumplings is alright in our book and this Chinese-fusion spot is definitely more than just alright. Their menu is specifically designed to suit all palates and there’s everything from those amazing dumplings to a traditional Kung Po chicken. The well-stocked bar is bound to get you in the the mood for a night out and if you fancy something sweet, their traditional Chinese desserts are always a hit. Oh, and they have cocktails too. Because it wouldn’t be a night out without cocktails would it?


If you’re looking for a bit of Queenstown tradition, Coalfire is definitely the place for you. Situated in the 140 year-old Eureka House, it’s a spot that completely encapsulates what the area is all about. Not only that but it’s one of the best Queenstown restaurants to enjoy a great piece of meat. Oh, the meat. Cooked low and slow to really bring out the flavours, each cut is roasted over the flames and it truly tastes amazing. Match your slow-cooked meat with a perfectly aged wine from the impressive wine list or choose from their selection of bubbles for a celebratory feeling.

Muskets and Moonshine

Built around the idea of rustic simplicity, Muskets and Moonshine is a spot where you can kick back and really relax with friends. As their name promises, the cocktails are based around the classic bootleg drink and the food is designed to soak it up. Try out Cajun BBQ sticky pork or beef croquettes to fill your tummy before a night of serious fun. There’s even an amazing lunch menu with some lighter items if you want to start your day earlier……
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