Best pubs in Glasgow

Claire Murray | Date posted - 29 Nov 2018
Glasgow is full of class drinking dens that serve as the centre for many of our social lives. From hanging out in Bath Street, to tottering along Merchant City in your heels, we’ve put together a list of the best pubs in Glasgow if you’re not sure where to head. There are many definitions of “pub” and ours is “serves good food, serves good booze, and is a place you can go in your jumper or your heels.” Don’t @ us.

The Butterfly and the Pig

An absolute stalwart of the Glasgow nightlife scene, The Butterfly and the Pig has been acting as our surrogate front room for many years now. Joined on to the famous Buff Club, it’s been the pre-party venue for plenty of mad ones at their Killer Kitsch club nights, and the scene of the hungover lunch the next day. You’re likely to find hipsters discussing world peace, grannies having an afternoon tea, club kids gearing up for the night, and everything in between here. Exactly as it should be in a Glasgow pub.


Walk just a few hundred yards up the road from The Butterfly and the Pig and you’ll end up in Slouch. Situated in an underground basement, this spot is open til 3am most nights, meaning it’s perfect if you’re not ready to go home, but also don’t fancy a club. They serve up late night snacks, do a fine line in whiskies, and play rock music til the wee hours. On certain nights, there’s even live music. It’s not on the best pubs in Glasgow list for nothing.

The Howlin’ Wolf

Sister venue to Slouch, the team at Howlin' Wolf have created another late night hang out that’s perfect when you’re looking for something a bit more chilled. Down the front they often play live music, and there’s usually one or two brave souls who get up to dance. Venture further back and it’s a bit quieter with comfy seats and little nooks to have a chat in. Top tip: order a pizza. They’re great, even if you’re sober.


Glasgow’s oldest pub (or so they claim) Sloan’s is a gorgeous venue, slap bang in the middle of the city. A proper pub pub, you’ll find all sorts of Glasgow characters in here. And there’s always something going on: whether it’s their famous mac and cheese nights, or film and dinner evenings, or the Friday night ceilidh that’s been running for as long as we can remember, you get much more than a night at the pub here.

The Griffin

One of the oldest and best pubs in Glasgow, The Griffin has went a wee bit more upmarket in recent years. Adding a dedicated gin bar, and sprucing up their menu, they still manage to hold on to their “old Glasgow” charm, while being more accessible to everyone. With a big, beautiful bar, comfy booths, and more gin than you could ever drink in one night (seriously, we’ve tried) it’s a great place to head if you’re heading to the theatre or for a post-dinner drink.

The Crafty Pig

If you believe a pub isn’t a pub without a pool table, The Crafty Pig is probably the place for you. A great venue to head with your pals, you can shoot some pool, grab a beer, and sample some seriously tasty meats while you’re here. Situated right on Great Western Road, it’s popular with students and West End locals and the prices are decent too. Their Thursday night pub quiz is super popular too.


And if you’re idea of a pub is place with roaring fires, dogs under the tables, and a selection of colourful locals, Stravaigin might be the place for you. Yes, they have a fancy (and delicious) restaurant downstairs, but upstairs is definitely a contender for the best pub in Glasgow. It’s a cosy spot with a huge drinks range, and their food is a pared down version of the restaurant’s with our favourite dish being the classic haggis neeps and tatties. Don’t say we didn’t tell you about this Glasgow classic.

The Finnieston

A little bit more upmarket than your average pub, The Finnieston is a fish restaurant/private dining space/pub in trendy Finnieston. (See what they did there?) Sister venue to The Crafty Pig, they specialise in super fresh fish and shellfish, serving up special lobster nights and cocktail tastings. But you can also just pop in for a quick pint or a wee cocktail if the fancy takes you, as they have a lovely bar with a big roaring fire that cries out to be visited on cold winter nights. Oh, and it’s dog friendly to boot.
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